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Mary Dezember | Taylor Dotson | Susan Dunston | Rosário Durão | Rafael Lara-Martinez | Yulia Mikhailova | Alexander Prusin | Steve Simpson


Dezember, Mary

— (2012). Earth-Marked Like You: Poems, Sunstone Press, 2012.

— (2007). E=mc 2 and Other Artistic Equations: Encouraging the Complementary Skills of Einstein and of Picasso through Redefinition. Forum on Public Policy, 2007(3). Available at

— (2004). Poets as Modern Art Critics: Stating the ‘Redemptive Power’ of the Abstracted Image. Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, 58(1): 7-29. Available at

— (2002). The Wilderness, Cosmopolitanism and Wallace Stevens’ ‘Moment of Light’. genre: An International Journal of Literature and the Arts, 23: 36-45.

— (1999). The Quest in Text: Seeking Identity in Whitman’s ‘Song’ and Rimbaud’s Hell. genre: An International Journal of Literature and the Arts, 20: 19-27.


Dotson, Taylor

— (Forthcoming). “Technological Determinism and Permissionless Innovation as Technocratic Governing Mentalities: Psychocultural Barriers to the Democratization of Technology.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society.

— (2015). "Trial-and-Error Urbanism: Addressing Obduracy, Uncertainty and Complexity in Urban Planning and Design." Journal of Urbanism.

— (2014). "Authentic Virtual Others? The Promise of Post-Modern Technologies." AI & Society 29(1): 11-21

— (2013). "Design for Community: Toward a Communitarian Ergonomics." Philosophy & Technology 26(2): 139-157.

— (2012). "Technology, Choice and the Good Life: Questioning Technological Liberalism." Technology in Society 34(4): 326-336.


Dunston, Susan

— (forthcoming). Storytelling Science. In Companions to Native American Literatures Series: Leslie Marmon Silko’s Storyteller. Catherine Rainwater (Ed.). University of Nebraska Press.

— (2013). Ethics. In Emerson in Context. Wesley T. Mott (Ed.). Cambridge University Press. 171-179.

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— (2011). Writing with Authority: A Student’s Guide.New Mexico Tech Press.

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— (2003). Building Women’s Community in a Science and Engineering University: The History of the New Mexico Tech Women’s Resource Center. Soziale Technik, Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work, and Culture. Graz, Austria: 12-14.

— (2002). Engineering Women’s Community. Co-authored with Doug Dunston. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists. Ottawa, Ontario.

— (2002). Students’ Epistemologies in Science and Engineering: Paths to Responsibility and Connection. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, Ottawa, Ontario. Co-authored publication with Doug Dunston.

— (2001) Women’s Voices. Audio recording on CD. Mixed and edited with Doug Dunston.

— (1997). The Romance of Desire: Emerson’s Commitment to Incompletion, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.


Durão, Rosário

— (forthcoming). Writers Among Engineers and Scientists. In Undergraduate Writing Majors: Nineteen Program Profiles, Jim Nugent, Greg Giberson, & Lori Ostergaard (Eds.). Utah State University Press. Co-authored publication with Julie Dyke Ford and Julianne Newmark.

— (2013). International professional communication: An overview. connexions • international professional communication journal, 1(1): 1-24.

— (2011). The design of online complaint forms: a comparison of American and Portuguese examples. Information Design Journal, 19(2): 120–139.

— (2009). “Global Visions: Promoting Excellence in the Education of Professional Communicators and Translators. ipcc, pp.1–7, 2009 IEEE International Professional Communication Conference.

— (2005). Primeiro Relatório de Um Inquérito a Fornecedores de Serviços de Tradução Científica e Técnica de Inglês para Português Europeu [First Report on a Survey to English to European Portuguese Scientific and Technical Translation Service Providers]. Confluências – Revista de Tradução Científica e Técnica: A Tradução Científica e Técnica em Língua Portuguesa no Mundo, 3: 29–61.

— (2004). Construction Sites: The Male, Masculinity, and Kindred Selves. In Culture and Power: Music, Media and Visual Arts, Fernando Galván Ruela, Julio Cañero Serrano and José Santiago Fernández Vázquez (Eds.), Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, 49–58.


Lara-Martinez, Rafael

— (2011). Bicentenario: un enfoque alternativo (Bicentenario), Editorial Universidad Don Bosco.

— (2011). Política de la cultura del Martinato (Bicentenario), Editorial Universidad Don Bosco.

— (2009). Balsamera bajo la Guerra Fría, Editorial Universidad Don Bosco.

— (2008). No Pronuncies Mi Nombre, talleres DPI.

— (2007). Del Dictado, Editorial Universidad Don Bosco.

— (2000). La tormenta entre las manos: Ensayos polemicos sobre literatura salvadorena, Direccion de Publicaciones e Impresos.

— (1998). El Salvador: Poesia Escogida, Editorial Universitario Centro.


Mikhailova, Yulia

— (2013). 'Christians and Pagans' in the Chronicles of Pre-Mongolian Rus: Beyond the Dichotomy of 'Good Us' and 'Bad Them'. In Geschichte der Slavia Asiatica: Quellenkundliche Probleme, edited by Christian Lübke, Ilmira Miftakhova and Wolfram von Scheliha, 22-51. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

— (2012). The Devil in Hell: An Interpretation of the Erotic Imagery in Female Visionary Texts. Magistra: A Journal of Women's Spirituality in History, 18: 24-39.

— (2011). Cross Kissing: Keeping One’s Word in Twelfth-Century Rus. Slavic Review, 70: 1-22. Co-authored publication with David Prestel.

— (2011). Electronic Media and Popular Discourse on Russian Nationalism. Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity, 39(4): 523-46.

— (2006). 'Moroz Krasnyi Nos' Nekrasova i poezia Anny Akhmatovoi [Frost, Red Nose by Nekrasov and Poetry of Anna Akhmatova]. Russian Literature (Amsterdam: Elsevier Science) 58(3/4): 413-44.


Prusin, Alexander

— (2010). The “Lands Between”: Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870-1992, Oxford University Press.

— (2007). A Community of Violence: The SiPo/SD and Its Role in the Nazi Terror System in Generalbezirk Kiew. Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 21(1): 1-30.

— (2005). Nationalizing a Borderland: War, Ethnicity, and Anti-Jewish Violence in East Galicia, 1914-1920, University Alabama Press.

— (2003) “Fascist Criminals to the Gallows!”: The Holocaust and Soviet War Crimes Trials, December 1945-February 1946. Holocaust and Genocide Studies 17(1): 1-30.


Simpson, Steve

— (forthcoming). Creating a Culture of Communication: A Graduate-Level STEM Communication Fellows Program at a Science and Engineering University, Across the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning, and Academic Writing. To be reprinted in Graduate Writing Across Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting, The WAC Clearinghouse (in press). Co-authored publication with Rebecca Clemens, and Drea Rae Killingsworth.

— (2013). Building for Sustainability: Boot Camp as a Nexus of Graduate Writing Support. Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, 10(2). Available at

— (2013). Systems of Writing Response: A Brazilian Student's Experiences Writing for Publication in an Environmental Sciences Doctoral Program, Research in the Teaching of English, 48(2).

— (2012). The Problem of Graduate-Level Writing Support: Building a Cross-Campus Graduate Writing Initiative. WPA: Writing Program Administration, 36(1): 95-118.

— (2008). Mentoring as a Long-Term Relationship: Situated Learning in a Doctoral Program. In Learning the Literacy Practices of Graduate School: Insiders' Reflections on Academic Enculturation. Christine Pearson Casanave and Xiaoming Li (Eds.). University of Michigan Press. 90-104. Co-authored publication with Paul Kei Matsuda.


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