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Department of
Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Faculty Research Areas


Dezember, Mary

• Poetry
• Visual Arts and Poetry
• American Literature 


Durão, Rosário

• Information design
• International professional communication
• Data visualization
• Science and technology (S&T) studies
• Complexity


Dunston, Doug

• Conducting
• Music and Science
• Creativity and Innovation 


Dunston, Susan

• 19th century American literature
• American Transcendentalism
• Native American literature
• Literature and philosophy


Kramer‐Simpson, Elisabeth

• Transitioning from school to work, disciplinary enculturation
• Iterative document cycling and use of feedback from mentors and teachers
• Teaching writing to diverse, international audiences


Lara‐Martínez, Rafael

• Latin American Cultural History
• Psychoanalysis 


Prusin, Alexander

• Russia
• Eastern Europe
• Nationalism
• Genocide 


Simpson, Steve

• Scientific and technical communication
• Graduate writing

Department Chair
Dr. Steve Simpson

Department Secretary
Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
New Mexico institute of Mining and Technology
Fitch Hall
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

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