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Alexander Prusin

Alexander Prusin

Fitch 102

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Research interests and areas of expertise

• Russia and Eastern Europe
• Nationalism
• Ethnic conflict
• Genocide

Selected publications


2010  The “Lands Between”: Conflict in the East European Borderlands, 1870-1992, Oxford University Press.

2005  Nationalizing a Borderland: War, Ethnicity, and Anti-Jewish Violence in East Galicia, 1914-1920, University Alabama Press.


2007  A Community of Violence: The SiPo/SD and Its Role in the Nazi Terror System in Generalbezirk Kiew. Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 21(1): 1-30.

2003  “Fascist Criminals to the Gallows!”: The Holocaust and Soviet War Crimes Trials, December 1945-February 1946. Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 17(1): 1-30.

Courses taught

HIST 389  Mass Violence and Aggression
HIST 389  Revolutions in World History
HIST 386  Introduction to The Middle East
HIST 348  War and Society
HIST 345  Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
HIST 161  Europe in the 19th Century
HIST 152  World History II
HIST 151  Word History I
HIST 132  Western Civilization II, 1500 AD—2000

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Dr. Steve Simpson

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Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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