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Taylor Dotson

Taylor Dotson

Assistant Professor
Fitch 205

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PhD Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2015

MS Industrial Mathematics, New Mexico Tech, 2009

BS Mathematics, New Mexico Tech, 2006




2017. Technically Together: Reconstructing Community in a Networked World. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.


2016. “Generating Community, Generating Justice? The Production and Circulation of Value in Community Energy Initiatives.” Teknokultura, 13(2): 511-540

2016. "Trial-and- Error Urbanism: Addressing Obduracy, Uncertainty and Complexity in Urban Planning and Design." Journal of Urbanism. 9(2): 148-165.

2015. “Technological Determinism and Permissionless Innovation as Technocratic Governing Mentalities: Psychocultural Barriers to the Democratization of Technology.” Engaging Science, Technology, and Society. 1: 98-120.

2014. "Authentic Virtual Others? The Promise of Post-Modern Technologies." AI & Society 29(1): 11-21

2013. "Design for Community: Toward a Communitarian Ergonomics." Philosophy & Technology 26(2): 139-157.

2012. "Technology, Choice and the Good Life: Questioning Technological Liberalism." Technology in Society 34(4): 326-336.


Courses taught

SS 130  Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
SS 201  Unintended Consequences, Industrial Accidents, & Other Anthropogenic Disasters
SS 211  Environment, Science, and Technology
SS 311 The Digital Age and Its Discontents

Areas of Expertise

Science and Technology Studies
Community Life in the Networked Age
The Governance of Risky Technologies
Scientific and Environmental Controversies

Other Activities at NMT

Faculty Advisor to the NMT Rugby Football Club
Collaborator with NMT Climate & Water Consortium

Department Chair
Dr. Steve Simpson

Department Secretary
Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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