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Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Doug Dunston

Doug Dunston

Fitch 215

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Research interests and areas of expertise

• Conducting
• Music and science
• Creativity and innovation


Courses taught

MUS 401  Interconnections of Music and Science
MUS 201  Comprehensive Musicianship
MUS 105  Fundamentals of Music


Other activities at NMT

2006-2008  Chair, Humanities Department, New Mexico Tech
2005–2007  Ombudsman, New Mexico Tech
2001–2008  Co-Founder and Co-Director, Women's Resource Center, New Mexico Tech
2001–2006  Associate Managing Director, Classical Music Festival, Eisenstadt, Austria
2000–2007  Pre-med Advising Committee, New Mexico Tech
1997–to date  Director, New Mexico Tech Music Program
1997–2000  Music Director, Animas Music Festival


Department Chair
Dr. Steve Simpson

Department Secretary
Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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