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Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

CLASS Department Donations

Your donations to the Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, and Social Sciences help keep music and the humanities strong at New Mexico Tech and the surrounding community.

There are three main ways to support our department. Donations to the music and community outreach program go toward funding performances and master classes, purchasing and maintaining instruments, and supporting promising student musicians. Donations to the technical communication program fund upgrades to our computer labs and equipment, conference travel for technical communication students, and scholarships for minority scholars. Donations to the department help bring in engaging speakers and fund innovative programs (such as our new STEAM Learning Community) and centers (such as the Writing and Oral Presentation Center).
If there are other ways in which you would like to support our department, or if you would like to talk further about how your generous donations are to be used, please contact the Department Chair (Dr. Steve Simpson,, 575.835.5149).

Music and Community Outreach Program

  • Comstock/Marts NMT Music Fund

    This fund is for general monetary gifts to the music program to pay for program expenses, concerts and performances, and instruments purchases and upkeep. Feel free to let us know how you would like for your gift to be used.

  • Kay and Elise Brower Music Scholarship

    This endowed scholarship is used to fund promising New Mexico Tech musicians.

  • Samuel “Buddy” Cervantes Music Endowment

    This endowment, started by Richard Cervantes in memory of his brother, helps fund general program expenses in the music program (e.g., performances, master classes, etc.)

  • Piano Endowment

    This endowment, created by Dr. Eileen Comstock, will be used for future piano purchases and upkeep.
Music Program

CLASS Department

  • CLASS Department Gift Fund

    Donations to the CLASS Department can be used to fund a range of activities in the Department, including the Writing and Oral Presentation Center, our STEAM (Humanities + Social Sciences) Learning Community, or faculty research projects such as the Humanizing Technology project. It may also be used to fund guest speakers or faculty research projects. Feel free to let us know how you would like for your gifts to be used.
Instructor demonstrating a weaving loom

Technical Communication Program

  • Technical Communication Program Gift Fund

    This fund is used for general program expenses in the Technical Communication Program (e.g., computer lab upgrades and software) and to help with TC student conference travel. We also use these donations to help fund our annual Corporate Advisory Board meetings. Please let us know how you would like for your gifts to the TC program to be used.

  • Technical Communication Scholarship

    This endowed scholarship provides funding for Technical Communication students from historically underrepresented minority groups.
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Department Chair
Dr. Simpson

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Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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