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Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

From the Chair’s Desk

Welcome to our Department!

Founded in 1965 as the Humanities Department, we cover academic fields from the Humanities and the Social Sciences, including Art History, Communication, foreign languages (Spanish, German, and Chinese), History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Technical Communication, and Writing (creative, expository, and research). We also maintain active research and publication programs, as well as music and theater performance programs.

We are one of the broadest multidisciplinary groups of scholars on campus.

In 1983, we began offering one of the nation’s few Bachelor of Science degrees in Technical Communication, distinguished by an engineering or natural sciences focus. You can also earn a Graduate Certificate in Scientific and Professional Writing, either by itself or in addition to another graduate degree. We offer a Bachelor of General Studies, designed for students who wish to take advantage of Tech’s various courses, and an Associate of General Studies that allows a student to gain foundational knowledge in a variety of fields. We also offer minors in Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Technical Communication. Even if you do not major or minor in our department, you will meet many of us in your general education core courses, since we cover three of the General Education Core Areas (I, IV, and V).

We run the Writing & Oral Presentation Center to help all Tech students to improve their writing and oral presentation skills. We also feature departmental and invited speakers in open talks in our Research Colloquia and Visiting Speaker Series and have been home to the NMT Women’s Resource Center. We invite you to check out this website, stay current on events and accomplishments on our Facebook page, and our wide array of offerings.

Steve Simpson

Department Chair

Department Chair
Dr. Steve Simpson

Department Secretary
Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
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