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Department of
Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences

Our Mission and About Us

The Department of Communications, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences—also known as Department of Humanities and Social Sciences—is a diverse, interconnected group of faculty and students.


What is our mission?

The mission of the multidisciplinary Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences is to develop students’ ability to learn, reason, and communicate in diverse fields of study and areas of human experience. The CLASS Department’s mission is threefold: to help students write well, think critically, and read widely; to provide an intellectual experience that increases students’ awareness of human history, human cultures, and human values; and to encourage the lifelong study of human experience. These skills will serve students well when they make the transition from student to professional live.

The Department provides virtually all courses in three of the five areas of the General Education Core Curriculum required by the New Mexico Higher Education Department for the comprehensive education of undergraduates enrolled in New Mexico state institutions of higher education.

These areas are:
Area 1 – Communications (College Writing and Public Speaking);
Area 4 – Social Sciences (Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, Womens and Gender Studies);
Area 5 – Humanities/Liberal Arts (Art History, Communication, Creative Writing, Hispanic History, Languages, Literature, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Popular Culture, Technical Communication, Visual Art).


What degrees does the Department offer?

The Department offers three degrees: an industry-endorsed Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication, a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.), and an Associate’s of General Studies (A.G.S.) degree. It further offers a graduate Certificate in Scientific and Professional Communication, and minors in Hispanic Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Technical Communication, allowing students to enrich their studies at Tech to become successful professionals and knowledgeable members of society.


What careers are available with a degree from the Department?

With a degree in Technical Communication, students can have a variety of exciting careers, including manual and grant writing, documenting research, being usability specialists, online help developers, and web designers. With a degree in General Studies, students can have a career in any field where a knowledge of the Liberal Arts as well as a knowledge of Science is required.


Why should I get a degree from the Department?

The degree in Technical Communication that the Department offers is a Bachelor’s of Science. This means that students have to take the same basic Science courses required for Science and Engineering majors. Students also are required to have a scientific focus. This gives students with a degree in Technical Communication from New Mexico Tech an edge in the job market.


Who is in the Department?

You can find out more about our Faculty and Staff here.


Where is the Department?

The Department is located in Fitch Hall on the New Mexico Tech campus (view campus map).


How do I find out more about the Department?

Visit us online here and on facebook. Or just drop by in Fitch Hall and meet us in person!

Department Chair
Dr. Steve Simpson

Department Secretary
Liza Apache
Department of Communication, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Fitch Hall
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

Phone: 575-835-5445     Fax: 575-835-5544