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Weekly Project Update:

9-61312: The focus this week is on the creation of a solid project proposal and a presentation covering the progress and direction of the prototype. We'll work on this throughout this week and next as we continue working on ideas to mount the ballast tanks.

9-6-12: The team met at the prototype on Monday to discuss what direction the team should go in for the semester. The controls system basics and mounting the water ballast tanks are the biggest priorities. We'll begin deliberations on how to mount the tanks this week.

8-28-12: The team convened today to introduce new members and deliberate on our progress for the coming semester. We're joined by a new junior member and will be helped by a graduate student to assist with the controls system. The team will meet at the heliostat prototype on Monday to discuss what should be done. Our goal for the semester is to finally make the prototype fully operational.

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