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Posted 8/28/2009 9:03PM by Anonymous
Game Rating: 5 / 5
Background Material: 3 / 5
Complexity: 3 / 5
Review: A flexible White Wolf-ish system/setting written by a former GURPS writer, which gives it much of its flexibility being a point based system.

The magick system is wonderful in how it handles how the same magick is available to both your average joe and "special" mages, those with the ability to burn through Essence at a higher rate as well as simply have more of it. Makes the difference between a character casting a long ritual magick type of spell that may heal someone, versus a guy that can chuck a fireball in a single turn, while using the same magick system. You get extra Essence for spells if using a pentacle, or casting during certain times of day/night/seasons, etc. In other words, a rationale for all the old magick folklore. Now your characters have a *mechanical* REASON for casting at midnight with 12 other people in a giant pentagram/circle!

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