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DC Heroes RPG, 3rd Edition
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A classic super hero system
Posted 1/5/2007 10:54PM by Michael Love
Game Rating: 4 / 5
Background Material: 4 / 5
Complexity: 4 / 5
Review: DC Heroes, 3rd Edition, is the last version of the rules to be published by Mayfair. It allows you to make just about any kind of super hero you can imagine using a detailed (and sometimes complex) character-generation system that allows both Robin and Superman to contribute on an equal footing.

The gameplay itself uses an open-ended 2d10 system, and combat rounds are quickly resolved with a single roll. Combat has many options, however, so it is not simplistic, just fast and streamlined.

The system does have a few holes: its gadget system is finicky and lackluster, and the game does not handle "absolutes" very well unless you work out an appropriate advantage or drawback cost with the GM. (For example, you can't make a character who never needs to breath, but if you buy enough Sealed Systems, you can go for a few years without needing to).

Also, the older editions came with much more background material. The 3rd Edition has consolidated much of the information that was present in the earlier versions, but doesn't have the extensive roster of DC characters and locations that 2nd Edition came with (which was a boxed set, anyway). 3rd Edition does still have a good section on how to roleplay and make characters, and has small essays by various DC authors like jack Kirby and Neil Gaiman.

Despite these minor annoyances, this is a great game if you're into super heroes (and not just DC). While Champions still reigns as the king of Supers Games, DC Heroes is an excellent balance of mechanics and playability.

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