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7th Sea Player's Guide
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Good Idea, but kinda light in some areas
Posted 1/8/2007 1:02AM by Jarrod Sager
Game Rating: 4 / 5
Background Material: 2 / 5
Complexity: 2 / 5
Review: 7th Sea is one of those games I wanted to like and really do for the most part, but there were a couple of things missing in my opinion: A good overall explanation of what certain equipment is, and the background. Nowhere does the book tell you just how a table of logarithms helps you, for example, and the world really is just Europe with the serial numbers filed off. It ends up falling flat and I personally found it hard to mentally substitute Montaigne for France in my head, for example. I understand why the creators wanted to set the game in their own world, but it could have been executed better.
Overall, 7th Sea is really great if you're a fan of the swashbuckling/pirate genre, aren't too into a game with a lot of crunchy bits (because it does have a nice light easy flowing system), and can overlook the world, which is pretty lacking in some respects.

Ok, needs work
Posted 1/10/2007 8:43AM by Michael Love
Game Rating: 3 / 5
Background Material: 3 / 5
Complexity: 3 / 5
Review: Could use more world detail and a better character gen system. Jarrod had to almost double our starting points so we could be halfway useful.

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