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Space Master
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If you like charts...
Posted 1/5/2007 11:15PM by Michael Love
Game Rating: 3 / 5
Background Material: 4 / 5
Complexity: 4 / 5
Review: If you like gaming with charts, you'll love Space Master!

This game is detailed in every aspect, character generation, background, game play, etc. Want to make a solar system for your game? This includes the charts, tables, and physics formulas to make one -- I kid you not!

While the game comes with it's own background story and history, it is designed to be used for just about anything science-fiction oriented; everything from "hard science" games to space opera.

I haven't played this in years, and the system was kind of burdensome, it was still fun to watch the GM wrangle a book of charts after you shot a blaster at someone, and have him tell you in detail what happened to them -- because it was already written in the chart!

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