Policies/Graduate Studies

Questions Regarding Policies?

Any questions regarding any policies can be directed to us at gsa@nmt.edu or to the Center for Graduate Studies. Many of these policies are outlined in the Graduate Student Handbook and the New Mexico Tech Catalog.

What is the Center for Graduate Studies?

The Center for Graduate Studies is the “home” of the Graduate Dean.  Our current Dean, Dr. Lorie Leibrock, can be contacted by making an appointment with Debbie Wallace (dwallace@admin.nmt.edu, 575-835-5513).

Some of the forms you may encounter and what to do with them:

  • Graduate Research Assistant or Graduate Teaching Assistant contracts
    • Your contract is initiated by your adviser (or department secretary).  Your supervisor, your Department Chair, the Business Office, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and you must sign the form.
  • Graduate Deferred Payment (GDP) form
    • This is an agreement between you and NMT that you will pay your tuition and required fees in installments.  These installments are automatically deducted from each paycheck.  You must have a signed contract before you can set up the GDP. This form is obtained and filled out in the Student Accounts office (Fidel 231)
  • Report of Degree Advisory Committee
    • Your exact form depends on whether you are a Masters degree student or a PhD student.  The Report of the Masters degree Advisory Committee or the Report of the Ph.D. advisory committee (and many other forms) can be obtained through the Center for Graduate Studies NMIMT Graduate Forms. There forms are meant to track your progress through your degree.

Other NMT Policies

*This is an ever evolving source of information. If you have questions regarding anything, please contact the GSA at gsa@nmt.edu or the Center for Graduate Studies.