Guide to Grad Students

For incoming and current graduate students there exists a wealth of information through the various departments on campus. The goal of this guide is to consolidate all of that information in 1 place. If you feel that our guide is missing some information, please let us know (

Information for New Graduate Students:

  • If you have an assitantship, you must:
    • Obtain your I-9 form (from Wells Hall 113) and take a copy to the Center for Graduate Studies (Second floor of Fidel).
    • Sign your contract
  • All full-time graduate students are required to have health insurance.  You can have your own policy, or you can sign up for the NMT insurance (for more information you can visit the NMT Insurance Information page).
  • To register for classes, you must first be Validated.  The validation process is essentially making sure that all of your tuition and fees are paid for.  As a graduate student, you are allowed to set up a Graduate Deferred Payment plan; for more information see below.  Registration and validation are 2 different things; you may be registered for classes, but in you are not validated you will be dropped from your classes.
  • Keys can be obtained through your department.  You must fill out a form with your department secretary, pay a $5/key deposit (at the Cashier’s Office, 2nd floor Fidel), and then you may get your keys from Key Control (1st floor Fidel).
  • ID cards may be obtained at the Registrar’s Office (2nd floor Fidel).
  • A computer/email account may be set up in the Tech Computer Center (TCC) in Speare 5.  It is very important to set up an email through TCC, because all important NMT announcements (classes, events, scholarships, degree progress, etc.) are made through this email.
  • A Campus Mail Box is included in your student fees.  You can get a box at the Post Office window (1st floor Fidel).

For even more information, refer to the New Graduate Student Survival Page.

Information for Continuing Graduate Students:

All of the guidelines concerning your graduate studies are listed in the Graduate Student Handbook and the Student Catalog.  Please be sure to check with your department about their policies as well.

There are a number of resources available to you:

  • Writing Center:  provides writing guidance on papers for class, papers for publications, or general writing skills
  • Oral Presentation Center:  provides assistance with presentations in the brainstorming, drafting, or final draft stages.
  • Health Center:  offers physical examinations, vaccinations, etc.

Additional information can be found at Policies/Graduate Studies and Tax Information.