Meeting Minutes

For more information on any particular meeting, please check with your department reps or contact the GSA



September 15, 2016

Year 2016-2017 Budget Announcements
* The GSA is receiving $10,000 less this year than in previous years due to administrative changes.
* This means we will need to cut back on spending in several areas, the new budget was discussed but no vote was made due to attendance
* Discussed cutting back on funding amounts to PAS and SGA in future years

NMT Honor Code
* New Mexico Tech is working to adopt a school-wide honor and ethics code that affects students, staff, and faculty.
* The goal is to encourage all members of the community to behave in an honorable and ethical manner.
* Feedback is still needed from students and an email with a survey link will be sent to everyone

Travel Grant Distribution
* The GSA president wanted to discuss how travel grants should be allotted given the new smaller budget…
* Should there be a formal policy with regards to partial or full travel funding or should the travel committee continue to handle it?
* Should volunteer points should play a less crucial role in awarding funding?
* No vote was made due to attendance

Department Representative Selection
* Department Reps will no carry over from last year
* All grads who wish to be a rep must email the GSA saying so
* You must also have your department secretary email the GSA to confirm that the department is aware of your position

49ers Parade Float
* We discussed having a parade float this year but now decision was made
* If you would like to help, please email the GSA

Thanksgiving Dinner
* Due to the budget cuts, the Center for Graduate Studies wants to look into other venue options for the dinner
* More information will be available in the future

Fundraising Options
* Given the budget cuts, the GSA is also considering fundraising to make up for the loss
* Several ideas were considered but we would like to hear from you if you have ideas

TOGA Phone App
* The SGA is using an app called TOGA to announce events
* The GSA is looking into using the app as well to coordinate with the school
* It should be on the app store and has a black background with a green leaf

February 4, 2016

Announcements :

* Introduce new officer – Mayank Roy, the new events coordinator was introduced to all GSA members in the meeting.

* New School honor Code – A New Honor Code to be drafted and to be signed by all students, staff and everyone employed by New Mexico Tech.

* Spring Picnic 2016 – To be held sometime in April 2016.

* Secretary Appreciation Day – GSA to send gratitude to all secretaries across New Mexico Tech on April 27th, as a token of appreciation.

* Travel Grant Committee – summer travel grant deadline is Feb 12, 2016 by 11:59 pm. Interested reviewers may contact Bryan Watson ( to be on the review committee panel.

* PAS Valentine Dinner – PAS is hosting a valentine dinner on 13th Feb, along with a show at Macy’s. GSA, as every year encourages all graduate students by subsidizing the tickets for the dinner and show. Attendees need to pay only $10 for the dinner+show ticket. The rest of the amount to be compensated by the GSA.

* Server Crash – As one of the servers at NTM crashed, GSA will not be able to send mass emails to subscribed GSA members. GSA is planning on a new email system. We need emails of all GSA members.

* Announcements from Graduate Dean – GSA representative to be in the committee to finalize the School honor Code. Interested students can sign petition regarding dorm rooms for Gender Neutral students.


* Symposium date – The Graduate interdisciplinary symposium to be held on March 28 , 2016. Topic for this year is Biotechnology. If any students have contact with experts on this field, please send their contact details to

* Poll for future GSA meetings – The GSA is still putting together a list of emails to replace the lost list-serve. We may still send out a Google Form poll to all graduate students at a future time.

* End of the year awards – Every year, the GSA gives out to awards. One for an outstanding faculty member and one for an outstanding graduate student who have contributed to the NMT graduate program. Please begin thinking about who you would like to nominate.


October 15, 2015

* From the graduate Dean
– Options being considered for the early completion deadlines.
– Graduate Students requested to be in the committees for the faculty senate standing committees.
* From the SGA representative
– An event similar to Comicon is bring planned for Spring 2016 semester. GSA to push for a symposium.
* Spring Travel Dates
– November 13, 2015 is the deadline for applying for the Spring 2016 travel.
* PAS show this Friday
– Tomorrow, we have a show sponsored by the GSA. Grad students highly encouraged to attend the show.
* Constitutional Changes
– Changes to be done very soon. More information regarding this in the next meeting.

* Diversity Week
– GSA is conducting an event similar to “Geeks Who Drink”. Grad students are highly encouraged to participate in this event and have a chance ti win prizes!
* Interdisciplinary Symposium
– Planned for March 2016. “Biotechnology” is being considered as a topic for the symposium.
* NMT Committees
– Students who are interested in joining the senate standing committees like Campus computing, etc can represent the GSA in the committee and voice for the GSA.
* GSA Committees
– Email to be sent to all grad students asking if anybody is interested to be Events Officer. Voting to be done once nominations are filled.

Open Discussion:
– Nothing much discussed.


September 24, 2015

Announcements :
• Announcements from the Graduate Dean
- Ongoing discussion with the board of regents to increase the RA/TA slots for Graduate Students.
- Late degree completion deadlines to change, effective Jan 2016
• Announcements from the SGA
- Next meeting scheduled on 09/29/2015
• Winter Travel Grant Results
- 11 reviewers reviewed the applications and $10886 travel grant awarded among 15 students.
• Diversity week
- Mayank Roy from the dept. of petroleum engineering to represent graduate students on the discussion panel on various diversity aspects.
• Travel Tax for International Students
- International students who get awarded travel grants to get additional 14% of the award to cover for tax liability (for all travel periods).

• Emergency Funding
- Rainy day travel fund concept proposed, where grad students could receive financial assistance during their last semester, where they can take 3 credit hours and defend their thesis / independent study. The GSA members voted FOR this fund allocation.
• Budget
- GSA Budget for the year 2015-2016 proposed and GSA members voted for eh budget to be PASSED.
• New Officer Position
- A New officer position for event coordination was proposed. An email to be sent to all GSa members asking for nominations for this position.
• Constitutional Changes
- Constitutional changes to be endorsed by Graduate Dean, instead of board of regents.
• Travel Grant Review Criteria
- A committee to be formed to setup a frame of rules to follow while giving scores to the travel grant applicants. GSA members to vote on this during the next meeting.
• Interdisciplinary Symposium
- Budget has been allotted for getting speakers for a symposium.
• Screen PHD Movie
- Not to be done.

Open Discussion:
– Nothing much discussed.


August 28, 2015


• Announcement from the graduate dean
- Feedback required regarding plagiarism level
• GSA officer for travel grants
- Ivan Kurnia unanimously voted as the travel grant officer for 2015-2016.
• Budget for Fall 15
- Budget committee to be formed to decide on the GSA budget for the year 2015-2016.
• Travel Grant Policy Changes
- Resubmission of the application or change of dates for travel with a different application not allowed anyore.
• Travel Grant Deadlines
- Winter travel grant application submission deadline is 09/02/2015, 11:59 pm.
• Officer Hours
- A GSA officer to be present at the GSA office every day from 1pm to 2pm.
• NMT Presidential Forum
- Held on 09/03/2015. Interested Students can attend.
• NM Governor Talk
- Held in Albuquerque on 09/09/2015 at 9am. Interested students can attend.
• PAS events sponsored by GSA
- GSA to sponsor PAS shows worth $3500 every semester (fall & spring) for PAS shows. Graduate students encouraged to go to happy hours, valentine dinner, etc.


• Meeting Times
- Doodle poll to be sent to all GSA officers / dept. reps. / members to decide on a time for future GSA meetings.
• Fall 15 Picnic summary
- coming up in a few days. All graduate students requested to attend.
• Interdisciplinary Symposium for Fall 15.
- to be discussed in the next meeting.
• Diversity Week
- GSA has been requested to conduct an event during the diversity week. A representative from the GSA is required to be at the international students diversity discussion panel.

Open Discussion:
- Nothing much discussed.


April 24, 2015


* Announcements from the Dean
     - There is a need for a student community which includes graduate students pursuing distance education.
     - A unified university wide community which includes both on campus as well as distance education students was proposed.
* Performing Arts Series
     - GSA sponsors 3 events of the PAS every year.
     - A poll will be sent asking for the 3 shows that GSA would be sponsoring for 2015-2016.
* GSA Astrobiology Seminar Recap
     - Good turnout. GSA will continue to host/sponsor such events in the future. Budget will be allotted to get speakers.
Spring Picnic Recap
     - More turnout as compared to last year. Will be held earlier in the semester henceforth.


* New Officer Introductions
     - The new officers for 2015-2016 were introduced.
* End of the year awards
     - GSA officers to decide on award to a faculty for service to GSA.
     - Ms. Tina Gueth to receive the award for outstanding service to GSA.
* Budget Committee
     - A Committee to meet during the summer to decide on the budget for 2015-2016.
Open Discussion :

     - Nothing much discussed.



March 27, 2015

General Announcements/News

  • Student Research Symposium
    • Will be held April 16th. It’s too late to sign up as a presenter, but make sure to attend.
  • Nelson Illusions Show
    • Was held March 27th
  • Budget Committee
    • Will contain old officers, new officers, and anyone interested in the GSA budget for next year. A poll to decide the meeting time will be sent out soon.
  • Astrobiology Seminar
    • Will be held April 23rd from 9A-4P. Everyone is welcome
    • Will have lunch, snacks, and a reception at Bodega
    • Flyer has been emailed to the department representatives
  • Spring Picnic
    • Will be held April 15th, starting at 5PM
    • Raffle tickets may be purchased for $5 or 1 volunteer point, or by bringing a 12-person dessert.
    • Still need volunteers: email for more information
  • Elections
    • Nominees are:
      • President: Bryan Watson
      • Vice President: Varun Rao
      • Information Officer: Hanqing Pan
      • Treasurer: Phillip Clift
      • Travel Grants Officer: Quinlan Towler
    • Please vote in the poll that was emailed to you, or let us know if you haven’t received the link yet.


March 6, 2015

General Announcements/News

  • Employee Handbook
    • After some initial concern, it was determined that graduate students will not fall under the rules of the new employee handbook.
  • SRS
    • Deadline for application has passed, but be sure to see the presentations on April 16th.
  • QuASAR Training
    • Will be held March 10th. See February 13th minutes for more details.
  • Travel Grant Evaluations
    • A committee was proposed that would reassess the weighting of elements in the judging of travel grant proposals.
    • Concern was raised regarding low-quality letters of recommendation from advisors that ruined applications. This will be addressed.
  • Nelson Illusions
    • The next PAS show will be on March 27th. GSA is sponsoring the Tech club before the show, so show up a few hours early to eat and meet people.


  • Spring Picnic
    • Currently scheduled for April 16th, but date is subject to change.
    • Will have raffle. Get tickets by volunteering, bringing dessert, or buying them.
  • Astrobiology Symposium
    • Will be held on April 23rd, 9A-5P in Fidel Ballroom C.
    • Currently looking for speakers who would like to present research or an introductory talk about a field related to the overall topic.
  • Constitution Committee
    • Will be updated soon.
  • Officer Elections
    • Please let us know if you are interested in being a GSA officer next year. Elections will be held via Doodle poll in April/May.



February 13, 2015

General Announcements/News

  • Gifts for Debbie
    • A flower bouquet and giraffe statue were given to Debbie Wallace as a thank you from the GSA.
  • Announcements from the Graduate Dean
    • Karen Chavez is now working in the Graduate office
    • Additional PhD programs at Tech are being considered (e.g., MechE, GenE, EE, ChemE, Bio)
    • Attention was brought to the graduate opportunities page
    • A new workflow developer is in use, so improvements will be incoming
  • QuASAR Diversity Training
    • Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015.
    • Times: 9:00-10:30a; 11:30a-1:00p, 5:00-6:30p
    • Locations: Morning and Noon sessions will be held in CITL Speare 113. Evening session will be held in the Torres multipurpose room. Refreshments will be provided.
  • Travel Grant Deadline: Was Feb 13th
  • New GSA Officers Needed
    • Contact us if you are interested in any positions except president
  • Tech Student Research Symposium
    • Can perform full presentation, poster, or take part in the 3 minute presentation
    • Applications due by Thursday (2-19) at 9PM
  • Graduate Education Day at NM Legislature
    • Tech students presented their research to the legislature on January 30th (see here for more info)
  • Interdisciplinary Workshop
    • Please contact us if you are interested in assisting with the planning of the workshop or would like to present
  • Math Modeling Seminar
    • In Speare 111, Fridays at 11:30A
    • Open to everyone


  • Constitution Update
    • No Judiciary Committee needed, but perhaps a parliamentarian to verify that the constitution is followed
    • The constitution draft will first be posted on the GSA website, then on the President’s policy page
  • Updated Graduation Checklist
  • Are Graduate Students Employees?
    • The new employee handbook has some questionable portions, but we’re not sure if they apply to graduate students
    • Dr. Liebrock will determine if they will
    • In the meantime, you may submit feedback about the new handbook


January 23, 2015

General Announcements/News

  • Debbie’s Retirement Party
    • Debbie’s last day with the CGS is Wednesday (Jan 28), so come wish her well at her party in the CGS (2nd floor in Fitch) from 3-5PM on Monday (Jan 26).
  • Thesis Mailing Options
    • The two options now available to graduating grad students concerning the shipping of their theses are to provide a paid envelope or box or to pick it up at the grad office. Note that if you want someone else to pick them up, you must inform the grad office in writing.
  • Graduate Dean Announcements
    • Next Friday (Jan 30) is the graduate education day at the NM legislature. Every graduate program in the state will be represented by 8 students. The poster session will last from 9A-5P and a press conference will occur at 11A.
    • If you are a NM resident, you can send an email to your representative asking them to learn more about NM grad programs.
    • If nearing completion, check that course program and other necessary items have been signed by the grad office (and that you have received a verification email).
    • Student Research Symposium is April 16th. Grad students may take part in 3 minute presentations, which are good practice for future interviews.
  • Budget
    • The GSA has a slight excess over the proposed budget. This is now planned to be used for additional emergency travel grants, the Interdisciplinary Workshop, and guest speakers.
    • Foreign students must pay income tax on both travel grants and awards. The GSA will meet with the Budget Office to determine if the tax should be included in the award.
    • It was thought that waiving tuition and decreasing pay instead of detracting tuition from current pay would be better for international students, but Dr. Liebrock said this is not true (IRS IRC 127).
  • Travel Grant Changes
    • International travel applications may now be for up to $1500. The deadline for travel between April 1st and September 30th is February 13th.
  • GSA Officers
    • All officer positions except the president will be available for next semester. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • GSA Sponsored Shows
    • We are sponsoring Hotel California on February 13th. Remember  that our sponsorship includes Tech club memberships, so come by around an hour before the show for food and social time.
      • There will also be a Valentine’s Day Dinner. Reduced price tickets for grad students and the menu will be available soon.
    • The reception before the March 27th show is also sponsored, so as many grad students can come as they want.
  • Spring Picnic
    • Will take place in April. Committee has been formed.


  • Meeting Times
    • Let us know if there is a better time to meet than Fridays at 1P.
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium
    • Possible topics raised were Explosives, Astrobiology, and Climate. A vote was taken and Astrobiology was chosen due to its current popularity and wide range of applicable fields (bio, chem, physics, engineering, geology, etc.).
    • It will take place in April. Please contact us if you would like to participate or have interest in organization.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The constitution is a work in progress
    • NMT QuASAR will be having gender sensitivity training sessions in March.
    • Interest was raised for having Neil deGrasse Tyson, George RR Martin, or the author of the comic PhD as guest speakers.


November 21, 2014

General Announcements/News

  • Switch to ProQuest
    • The new online system, which will replace the physical copies printed in the GSA office, is almost ready
    • Previously, the GSA would pay for 3 thesis/dissertation copies (department, library, and graduate office), but online submission would only require physical copies for personal use.
    • Vote raised and passed for GSA to pay $50 for department and personal copies, shipping policy to be determined
  • Email Survey
    • 32 responded: 20 for Gmail, 7 for Microsoft, 5 for either
    • Results passed onto TCC. Switching email hosts may solve quarantine/blacklist issues
  • Travel Grant Deadlines
    • Will implement open/close times on online forms in order to avoid issues with last minute submissions


  • Thanksgiving Dinner
    • Over 100 people attended (including children), bringing about 300 food items that were donated to Puerto Seguro
    • Food and atmosphere were well received. Attendees liked Friday more than Monday
  • Travel Reimbursement
    • Be sure to verify that your return is not worth more than your award, as it could force a hold on your school account
    • Will look into incompatibility of forms between versions of Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Constitution Committee
    • Bryan will head the effort to continue updating the GSA constitution


  • Possible Upcoming Events
    • Symposium
      • Would like to invite alumni
      • Have money to invite speakers, but need topic (Explosives was suggested)
    • Alumni/Grad Student Interaction Day
      • Could invite alumni to speak to grad students
  • Strategic Planning Response
    • Only 2 graduate students submitted feedback
    • Plans include increasing the number of GS’s, increasing the number of degrees, and making overall improvements
    • Call to skim Strategic Planning Drafts and submit feedback by end of semester

October 31, 2014

General Announcements/News

  • Spam Filters
    • Be sure to check your quarantine summaries for emails that you need.
    • Tech has been blacklisted by gmail as a spam generator, so use other email addresses for important emails.
  • Alumni Association
    • The Association would like more contact with current graduate students, which might include meeting up at conferences or having seminars at Tech
  • Cleary Act
    • New guidelines for reporting rape/sexual assault/harassment/stalking must be met by October 1st, 2015
    • Changes are being made now to increase student safety


  • 49ers Parade
    • Was a success, should be continued next year
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
    • Will be held at Bodega on November 14th at 6:30PM
    • Will feature food drive
      • Every two cans of donated food will get you one raffle ticket
    • Flyers and emails with this info will be distributed soon
  • Travel Budget
    • Proposed changes:
      • Raising the international grant cap to $1600 based on trend in past grant data
      • Number of applications per student would be 3 for a PhD or 2 for a MS (not absolute limits)
      • Amount offered in the Winter period would be $11,000, would be $7,000 otherwise
    • Changes were passed by oral vote
    • Website will be updated with these changes and reasons for the new caps
    • Will investigate a short-term emergency fund for unexpected travel


  • Comparison of the two possible email systems has not been made public yet
    • We could make a list of desired properties and send to TCC

October 10, 2014

General Announcements/News

  • Email
    • The school is still deciding between adopting Gmail or Microsoft email
    • Microsoft guarantees data security and would give five free copies of Microsoft Office to every student
    • Gmail offers unlimited storage space for students and faculty
    • Costs for the two services are similar
    • Students should test out the two systems with regard to features, available apps, and usability
    • GSA will take a vote or issue a survey later
  • Town Hall: October 17th (see flyers around campus)
  • Parade Float
    • Need volunteers for float assembly and to walk in the parade
    • Contact
  • Announcements from Graduate Dean
    • Proquest is still being tested
    • Once it is ready, theses and dissertations will be submitted electronically, with no need for hard copies.
  • Cleary Act Committee representative needed: volunteer found
  • Computing Survey
    • Results of current survey distributed during meeting
    • Additional responses welcome


  • Thanksgiving
    • Will have can drive
  • Travel Grant Budget
    • Working through data
    • Considering allocating funds for emergency TA travel fund


  • When writing letters of recommendation, note that a FERPA release form is required for discussion of a student’s academic record
  • The nmt email has been blacklisted by some organizations, so use alternate email address for important messages

September 19, 2014

General Announcements/News

  • Department Representatives
    • List of current representatives shown, call for additional volunteers
  • Meeting Time
    • Currently scheduled for 1PM, which does not work for Biology or Chemistry students (still under consideration).
    • Next meeting scheduled for October 10th
  • Research Symposium
    • Call for additional ideas (e.g., communications workshop or astrobiology)
  • 125th Research Competition
    • Call for posters & volunteers
    • More information here
  • Strategic Planning Town Hall
    • Graduate students encouraged to attend (~October 20th)
  • Computing on Campus Committee
    • Tests security of computers on campus
    • Volunteer GSA representative
  • Thesis & Dissertation Copyright
    • Need copyrights from publishers for all figures in your thesis or dissertation
  • Travel Grant Application Clarification
    • All pieces of proposal due at the same time (summary, budget, advisor letter of recommendation, etc.)


  • 49ers Parade Float Committee
    • Parade on October 18th
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Committee
    • Will include can drive and raffle
  • Travel Grant Budget Committee
    • Will determine new maximum value for applications & discuss international travel
  • Contact GSA for information about joining any of these


  • The graduation checklist on the CGS website must be updated
  • Computing Resources
    • Due to the closure of a computing cluster in Speare, there is a need for additional resources
    • The GSA will send out a survey to students about processing needs
  • SGA
    • 3 bills were passed, will ask about a SGA representative to the GSA soon
  • Availability of programs
    • Students required Maple and other programs, which were only available on the library computers
    • A proposed solution was to ssh into rainbow (more information)

August 29, 2014

General Announcements / News

  • Performing Arts Series
    • GSA is sponsoring 3 shows (Complete History of Comedy, DakhaBrakha, and Hotel California)
    • Sponsorship allows grad students to attend any show for free and includes 10 Tech Club memberships to be shared.
    • Tickets to dinners (i.e., Valentines day & Santa Fe Opera) are subsidized.
    • Discussed sponsoring a reception before a show.
    • Ronna requested a possible date for a reception
  • Fall GSA BBQ Recap
    • High turnout: ~160 people
  • Travel grant deadline: September 4, 2014
  • Research Symposium
    • A call for ideas for the next interdisciplinary symposium was issued
    • The idea of a speed presentation competition was raised (3 minutes, 2 slides).
  • 125th Anniversary Research Competition
    • Need participants and helpers
  • Parade Float for 49ers
    • Need committee members and ideas.
  • Department of Energy Grant
    • A grant for three months at a national lab, open only to US citizens, deadline 9-24-14


  • Meetings will be held very three weeks on a Friday
  • SGA/campus Representatives & GSA Department Reps
    • Please contact us if you would like to be a department rep
  • Budget
    • $20,000 was contributed from campus donors for use in travel grants.
    • The maximum value of a travel grant, how many times one could apply for grants while at Tech, and how to handle international travel were debated.
    • An action to raise the maximum value of a travel grant request to $1250 and to form a Travel Grant Revision Committee was passed.
    • Budget for 2014-2015 Academic Year was passed.

May 2, 2014

General Announcements / News

  • Introduction of new officers
    • Executive Officer: Bryan Watson
    • Associate Executive Officer: Gareth Jones
    • Appropriations Officer: Jastin Paul
    • Grants Officer: Brad Sion
    • Information Officer: Stipo Sentic
  • Spring GSA/CGS Picnic
    • Both the environment and participation were good
    • An award was presented to Heather Bloemhard for service to the GSA
  • SGA
    • Covered end of semester events (Bubble wrap day, poetry night, etc.)
    • Voted on awards for faculty, staff, and students
  • Travel Grants
    • Added $4,000 to winter period
    • Discussed a $1,000 travel grant ceiling for proposals
  • Budget
    • Increased PAS budget from $5,500 to $7,000
      • Will sponsor three shows and receive ten Tech Club memberships
    • Discussed grant for cultural enrichment travel
    • Should brainstorm ideas for next semester
      • Additional research symposiums, interdisciplinary workshops, etc.

April 11, 2014

General Announcements / News

  • Call for new officers!
    • Need 5 officers!
    • Will send out a survey
  • New travel $$
    • 5 donors have committed 20,000 to the GSA that will be be dedicated purely to travel grants! We will be spending more of our funds on social activities per our new agreement.  New requirement for clubs will only be that there must be at least one officer who is an undergraduate.
  • Faculty Senate – no real updates
  • Grad Council – Thesis/Dissertation templates updated – should be submitted single-spaced
  • Strategic Planning – continue submitting feedback!
  • SGA – This week is Spring Fling – check out the schedule of events and make sure to participate.  The BBQ Pool Party 12-3pm  at the NMT Pool and Athletic Field THIS Sunday!

Committee News

  • Biomaterials Workshop recap – more than 50 members came.  This will hopefully become an annual event, so look for more to come.  Faculty also participated and were very interested in the speakers and event as a whole.
  • Spring Picnic – April 24th, 5pm Between Driscoll and Brown Hall  ( in case of bad weather, will be in the Fidel Atrium).  Need volunteers to cut vegetables, set up equipment, and man the grill.  Potluck – bring a side dish or dessert that feeds ~ 12 people and you can get raffle tickets to win prizes.  Set up starts at 3:30 – meet in the CGS office, 2nd floor of Fidel.
  • Joint GSA/SGA Event – Pool Party this Sunday 4/13 12-3pm.  Come!
  • Constitution  - Has not been completed as of yet.  Will be completed by the end of the semester and given to the new officers to look over for the new year to make final decisions and decide on voting.
  • 2014 / 2015 Budget – with extra money comes a new need for more decisions.  Need to meet and discuss the new budget and bring it to the GSA for a vote.  Will have new officers by the next meeting.  Will have a meeting before the GSA meeting to draft the budget for next year with the new officers.  There is a need to readjust budget for events to adjust for price increase.  Also need to discuss funding PAS and if so, how much.
  • Next GSA Meeting April 25

Open Discussion

Nothing was really mentioned.

March 7, 2014

General Announcements/ news

  • Faculty Senate – no major news, except the grad reading workshop (more info below)
  • SGA meeting – the school insurance is actually in compliance, so there will be no fines for anyone currently on the school-provided insurance plan
  • Strategic Planning – Student Town Hall went well.  If you still want to give feedback go to the online forum
  • Biomaterials Workshop – March 28th – can find the talk agenda on our webpage or on the Tech calendar
  • Insurance – March 24th 10am – 12pm Skeen Library Rm 212 12-2pm
  • Graduate Reading Workshop – Jamie Broyles came and gave more info about the workshop.  It is free for all graduate students and will help students read research papers better and more efficiently.  It will be April 11/12 in CITL Speare 113 and on Saturday there will be a BBQ after the sessions.  Students can choose to go to either one or both days this time and must dictate which option they choose when they register online.  Students can register at: http:/  Or by email:

Committee News

  • Spring picnic – meeting next week.  Will have more details soon
  • Constitution – hopefully will have a draft by the next meeting.  Will be shown piece – wise so each piece can be voted in (instead of voting on the whole thing at once)
  • Joint GSA/SGA event – been formed, working on date / ideas

Open Discussion -

  • Proquest – accounting information received, set up for testing.  Needs a volunteer paper to submit for testing.  The GSA is paying for the binding of 2 copies and those copies will be shipped to the Graduate Office.
  • Don’t forget!  We need to elect new officers for the coming year.  Please contact the or an officer to let us know that you would like to serve the graduate body next year.  If we do not have officers, the GSA can’t continue to serve and give Travel Grants!

February 14, 2014


  • Tech Health Insurance- need more information about whether students will be fined or not
  • ProQuest – still in progress
  • Graduate Council – STEM Fellows running out of funds – need student feedback.  Graduate re-admits are now done through the Graduate Office and there will be a new form.
  • SGA Meeting – Tuition increase: survey sent out with different options for how tuition increase will be implemented.  Also Amendment to the SGA Constitution was officially passed.
  • Biomaterials symposium
  • Driver needed to take students to the social security office in ABQ – contact Debbie or Lorie if interested in helping


  • Constitution Committee – need volunteers to help draft .  Contact Andrew
  • Spring Picnic Committee – Tina Gueth will be heading.  If interested in volunteering contact her
  • Computing on Campus Committee meetings
  • Joint GSA/SGA committee for GSA/SGA get-together


January 24, 2014

Jan. 24, 2014

Call to order – Julia

Introduction of officers, and dept. chairs

Office Hours – 11-12 every day in the Graduate Office in Fidel



  • GSA Elections – if interested in being an officer, please notify the officers.  More information will be provided as we go further in the semester.  If interested in being more involved.  Please inform us by March so that we can have elections by the end of April and let the officers shadow during the month of May so that the new officers can have a better idea of what will be expected of them.
  • Proquest – have not completed the process. Proquest has set up the “testing” process to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Graduate office will go through the training to make sure that verification and the process in general is fully realized, planned, and efficient for students.  Budget issues will need to be finalized and settled with both Proquest as well as with the GSA on behalf of the students.  Within the month this should be finalized and updates will be posted on the website.  We will still be required to submit a copy to Debbie to check.
  • SGA Meeting Update – Heather – New SGA Representative.  One main thing heard – at the Regents meeting in Feb. (Feb. 14th, possibly in Santa Fe) – will discuss how the tuition increase will be divided among the staff/faculty and students.  Thinking about wanting to use the increase the funds to help the TA situation – funding and addition.  All students welcome to attend SGA meetings.  Every other Tues, 7:30 pizza, meeting at 8 in the Fidel Ballroom.  Beginning Feb. 3.
  • Faculty Senate Meeting – Budget Committee will be trying to submit information about NMT to surveys so that there will be more opportunities to hire and recruit faculty/staff.  ALP Alternative Licensure Program.  In NM you need to hold a license from NM to teach at the JH and HS level.  NMT is the only program that allows undergraduates to finish their degree and minor in this program to license so that they can teach immediately after graduating.  Regents have decided to faze it out due to shortage of budget.  ENM has agreed to extend their program, via distance delivery, so that students at Tech can work towards the degree.
  • Strategic Planning – we have a representative from the GSA on behalf of the graduate students.  Website:  Will have town halls, forums to plan and make everything available to the public and ask for input/ feedback.  Questions posed:  How do we best want to be represented?  Polling to see our input, opinion?  Updates to GSA webpage. Seeking more interactions so that we will have more feedback and represent the entire graduate population more fully.
  • Graduate Office renovation almost complete.  By the end of the month, the conference room should be completely ready for about 25 people to meet there.


Committee News

  • Interdisciplinary Committee – 5/6 speakers set up so far, and more invitations have been sent out.  If not, more students will be added to fill in spots.  March 28th will be the first meeting – flyers will be sent out to inform everyone.  Speakers- a few from New Mexico Tech, and others from around NM and elsewhere.  You are invited to get involved and learn more about the research and information being investigated on Tech.  Room in Speare is reserved for the entire day.  Graduate office will be providing refreshments.  This will be a good prototype of a colloquium the Interdisciplinary Committee will like to put on.  Flyers and PR needs to be prominent.
  • Travel Grant Reform Committee – met last semester.  Changed the wording for how many times you can apply to a travel grant and get full consideration.  Less specific and more case-by-base for the reviewer.  Updates will be posted on the website.  The fees going into the funding for the Travel Grant are specific – must socially enrich and socially engage, and so it is important that students submit information showing that they met that guidelines.  It is already in the policy, but needs to really be enforced more.
  • Budget Committee – when you enroll for classes, you are already charged a Graduate Student Activity Fee.  GSA gets 60%, and the SGA gets 40%.  The GSA has been trying to decide if the 40-60 split was fair.  Last semester, the students were polled to see the level of activity of graduate students and to see what the graduate students felt should be contributed to the SGA.  A meeting was held Wednesday, and the final line was that the survey was not a sufficient body of evidence to make a change.  She is willing to do the budget analysis to see if any change will be made.  However, any change will not be able to occur until the 2015-2016 budget year.  She is willing to find another way to get the GSA more funds for travel grants if we keep the 40-60 split the same.  She wants to ensure that we work towards getting the graduate student body more involved and will make sure that funds are continually provided to the GSA. This agreement seems to be a win-win.  The concern- is this funding yearly?  Answer: yes.  The goal is that the increase in funds would be a base budget increase so that the increase in funds will be yearly.  She is stating that additionally 20,000 a year for travel budget, has committed 5,000 of her own budget already.  If we had reduced the percentage to what we were hoping for, we would have gotten 10,000 extra a year.  So this method gets us (hopefully) more than what we were hoping for.
  • VOTE: Recover funds from SGA: 0 Get a different source of travel funds: overwhelming yes from everyone.  Passed.  Will go forwards.
  • M Grant – it has not been awarded for a few years (three years ago was last time) – if a student has lost funding, they can apply for this grant to fund last semester.  Has also been used for research expenses.  Small amount of money.  Usually for external funding needs that would be paid.  Form Committee?  Need to find out if there are enough funds available to make this worth while.
  • Constitution – need volunteers for a Constitution Committee.



SGA has a Facebook page – stay connected and informed


November 19, 2013

  • Announcements
    • SGA Meetings – Monday Nov. 25, will be the last student leadership luncheon in Brown Hall.  Dec. 4, 10, and 11th – free massages in Fidel Ballroom.  Midnight breakfast – Friday before Finals.  PayDirt is looking for holiday themed articles and input.  Heather presented the findings about the graduate participation at the last SGA meeting arguing over a smaller percentage that the GSA gives to the SGA.  The SGA is mostly concerned that mostly graduate clubs would requests funding for travel and not give back to the campus.  Heather reminded them that there are rules in place to prevent that from occurring.  The bill to remove the line about graduate students will be put back on the table at the next SGA meeting.  The SGA postponed the voting on the bill until the next meeting because they did not think they had enough data.  However, the SGA has data stating that about graduate students participate in about 10% of all events.
      • Tuition Increase is happening again by 2%.
    • Faculty Senate Meeting
      • Changes to Catalog – TC 524, TC 505, TC 516 and TC 561 are being added – classes to help students with writing and graphic presentation, as well as communicating research.
    • Strategic Planning Committee
      • Gaby Miller is the Grad. Student Rep
      • Nothing major has really happened at this moment – still describing what is occurring
    • Health Insurance Seminar – The date will be either December 4 and or Dec. 5.  Need a room for the seminar.  This seminar will help people make the changes necessary under the new laws for healthcare.  Email will be sent out with more information.
  • Committee Updates
    • Thanksgiving Committee – Dinner next monday at Bodega at 6:30 in the ballroom.  Admission is 2 cans.  Bring non-perishables and cans to donate.
    • Budget Committee – will hear back at the next SGA Meeting about their decision.  Should lower percentage to 20%.   Will then need to propose it to the administration and let it continue further.  The goal is to have this funding change completed by the end of the semester.
    • Travel Grant Process – update?
      • Will send out an email
      • Travel Grant applications are due by tomorrow at midnight
    • Interdisciplinary Committee
      • March 14th or March 28  - BioMaterials
      • 9 speakers right now.  Will be inviting more
        • Los Alamos, Colorado Boulder
        • Have students introduce speakers and call up the speakers
      • If have any more ideas on topics or speakers, let Matt or Andrew know.
  • General Discussion
    • Multiple students are having issues with updating their committee on banweb.
    • Email about Thesis requirements being changed to single spaced – not sure of origin and if that is department-based.
    • Want just one department to do the Distance Education type stuff.  Student had issues with getting equipment working and with knowing which room to go to.  No real good process for this.  Equipment isn’t being tested before being used, especially when room requested.

October 22, 2013

  • Announcements
    • Faculty Senate Meeting – No big news, except the Distance Education Committee will be presenting next month their idea to create a “tax” of sorts to help fund students in the distance education program.  The GSA members present requested we seek student representation on the committee.
    • SGA meeting(s) – Costume contest will be held Oct 31st in Fidel at lunch time.  November 7th is the student forum at 5:30 in the Fidel Ballroom, where students can ask the administration questions.  The Recycling program is indeed up and running – cans, mixed paper and possibly glass can be recycled now.  The annual alumni meeting was held over 49ers weekend.  They are a fairly new organization and want to help the GSA and find out what ways they can help.  They are interested in the webinar series and conferences.  They have a Facebook page and a Linkedin account under the name the NMT Alumni Association.
    • Critical Reading Seminar – About 20 people attended and thought it was useful.
    • Macey Center Space Rental – The GSA will not be renting from the Macey Center again.  There was a miscommunication about the agreement on how much would be paid for renting the space.  We paid almost $700 for the space, when in previous years it was only $100 for cleanup.
  • Volunteers and Committees
    • Thanksgiving Committee – The Thanksgiving dinner will be held Monday, November 25 at 6:30pm at Bodega.  There will be a canned food drive, and 2 cans will be the ticket of admission.
  • SGA/GSA Budget Renegotiation
    • Statistics from the survey were compiled and analyzed, and a proposal was made to change the constitution of the SGA requiring clubs and organizations to be at least 50% undergraduate and not have an officer be a graduate student.  A bill to amend this is being written up by Heather B. and will be supported by the SGA spokesperson to the GSA.  It will be presented this Friday.  Also, Heather will also propose a change in the amount of the GSA budget that will be allocated towards the SGA.
  • Open Discussion
    • Travel Grant Reform – many grad students are seeking a change that says PhD students only get priority for 3 travel grants while students going for a MS get 2.  There is a misconception here that students are “cut off” from getting funding.  This is not true, but they do get lower priority.  A committee is being formed to see if and what any changes might be.  Matt Schmidt, Jeff Lapierre and Vyoma offered to form that committee.

September 24, 2013

  • Announcements:
    • Faculty Senate News – New professors will be added to our faculty.  The President is forming a committee to report to the regents.  Janet Ward from the Counseling Office wanted to inform the TAs and faculty that if they have a problem with a student, they should go to her immediately.  If there is a health concern or issue, you should go see the nurse.  A review of privacy practices was given: disabilities, scores and counseling are all private.  TAs are not allowed to disclose anything to parents, unless it is notarized in the student’s file that it is acceptable.  Also, students with disabilities need to give the TAs a form for disabilities before they can be graded appropriately.  The Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting Oct. 1 at 12pm in the Fidel Ballroom, and the Presidential Advisory Committee is also being formed.
    • New CS Representative is Omar Soloman
    • Still need a representative from the EE dept.
    • Update from the Interdisciplinary Committee – There will be multiple conferences throughout the year.  The first will be in the Bio Materials discipline.  If you have any ideas for speakers inform Matt Schmidt who is heading the initiative.  These conferences will begin in early Spring, and a committee is being formed to help organize and plan these talks.  Also, there is a “Talks at Tech” page under “Services”, and this will have all of the talks for every department on the calendar.  If your department is missing, please give us the lecture information, and we will update our calendar.
    • New Travel forms are required – they will be added to the website under Forms
  • Thesis Printing – The school is trying to decide if we will move to ProQuest for printing.
    • A comparison of fees/services from library to ProQuest was given and discussed
    • Main point – there will be NO change of fees for students in this new system
    • The graduate students present voted unanimously to change over to ProQuest.
    • The Grad Council will be meeting next month, and then the Faculty Senate will meet to pass the new program.
  • GSA Budget – As of right now 40% of our budget is allocated to the SGA.  If was previously thought that that number was much lower, and the GSA does not believe 40% accurately reflects the activities the Graduate Student Community actually participate in.
    • The GSA is trying to renegotiate a new budget with the SGA, hopefully by December, so that it can be approved in time for next year’s budget
    • The GSA members in attendance did make the point that the GSA would like to keep a relationship, and a good one at that, with the student government.
    • Also, the GSA is seeking other sources of funds to help increase funds for travel grants.
  • Travel Grants – $16,584 was requested this travel period, and $7200 was funded.  The GSA is working towards more funding opportunities to hopefully shorten the gap between was is requested and what can be allocated every travel period.

August 27, 2013

April 30, 2013

  • PAS:  Ronna Kalish still has spaces on the program for shows; she’s interested in suggestions.  The officers will decide how much we give to PAS.  In the summer, the GSA will be asked which shows to sponser.
  • General Announcements
    • GSA/CGS picnic was a HUGE success.  About 250 people showed up, and we raised ~$100 for the graduate student scholarship fund.
    • Tax/stipend recommendation was made to the Graduate Council; the decision was basically to not change anything.  We are still interested in student feeback.
    • Fall travel grant deadline is Jun 5
    • Thesis Bootcamps is June 3 – 7.  It’s a 1-credit course; deadline is May 10.
  • SGA Announcements:  The tuition is being increased by 4.5%.  The administration is going to try to make the budget more transparent, so that we can know WHERE our money is going.  Email us for more information.
  • Graduate Council Announcements
    • Graduate Foundation is setup to receive patent profits.
    • Lorie has managed to increase the TA stipends some.
    • Graduate Recruitment material:  need volunteers of grad students willing to talk about their research for a short video.
  • Computing on Campus Committee Announcements
    • The security policy is currently on review.  NMT has reached the point of getting audited for security issues, so a new policy is needed.
  • GSA Constitution update
    • We haven’t been able to get ahold of Tony (who had volunteered to translate our Constitution notes into legalize).  If we haven’t heard from him (~in the next week), then we will probably go to Gerity for help.
  • Budget update:  Everything is GREAT.
  • GSA Elections:  At the time of the meeting, we only had 2 volunteers.  Currently, we are up to 4 volunteers.  We need 1 more volunteer, or else the GSA will not be operating within it’s Constitution, which means that the GSA won’t exist, which means that NO students will get travel grants from the GSA until officers are found.

April 9, 2013

  • Spring Picnic:  April 25 at 5:30!!!!
    • We need help spreading the word.  Whether you want to hang a flyer or just tell the people on your hall, please help us get all the graduate students (and their families) to the picnic.
    • This is also a potluck; we are solicitating for desserts and side dishes.  There will be plenty of hamburgers, BBQ, veggie burgers, and veggie trays.
    • A number of businesses around town have donated prizes for the raffle!!  there are a number of ways that you can get a ticket:
      • As a graduate student, you’ve been earning points for volunteering and attending meetings. You can apply those points towards raffle tickets (1 point = 1 ticket)
      • You can bring a dish that feeds 10 people (1 dish = 1 ticket)
      • You can pay $5/ticket. All funds raised will be used to start up a scholarship fund for students in need of tuition assistance (please contact us for more information)
  • Admin Appreciation Day:  we’re looking for volunteers to help us thank the administration for their help throughout this year.  Please email us if you are interested.
  • GSA Constitution Update:  our notes are being written into legalize.
  • SGA Update:
    • April 27:  SGA Lottery Scholarship Summit is being held to discuss a a permanent solution for the Lottery Scholarship program
    • April 17, 5:30PM:  Student Admin Forum; they will be specifically discussing the possibility of a tuition increase
    • April 17, 11:30 – 1PM:  Leadership Luncheon; free lunch in the Dining Hall area, with President Lopez speaking.  Feel free to stop by at any time.
    • The Librarian may need to cut some of our journal subscriptions!  The Regents are trying to find additional funds, but make use of the journals or risk losing them.
  • Faculty Senate Update:
    • From the Legislature:  there are a lot of anti-higher education bills this past session, but most were killed in committee.  NMT did get additional funding to finish the Geology Building and some funding to try to replace the parking that will be lost.  There was no formula funding fix proposed, but the formula is not any worse yet either.
    • Dr. Lopez is trying for another pay raise for faculty, staff, and administration.  He has suggested that he will try to raise tuition an additional 2-5% to cover this raise.
    • Items <$5,000 (except computers) are removed from inventory.
  • Grad Council Update
  • Stipend/Tax Recommendation: the Committee has written an “Abridge Report” to summarize their findings thus far. This report can be downloaded here. The committee is working on a survey to ask students for their thoughts about a tuition waiver. To get invovled in this, please email us.
  • Spring Fling
  • Open Forum
    • ELECTIONS!!  We need officers for the next year!
    • As you know, the minimum stipend for a TA is much lower than for an RA.  Lorie has been working to fix this, and next year we should see some progress!

March 19, 2013

  • Student Research Symposium: The SRS is April 5. They are looking for volunteers to review posters and presentations. They will work with any schedule. To sign up, go to the SRS website
  • Stipends/Taxes/Tuition:
    • Lorie is working on getting the minimum TA stipend to be increased to meet the RA minimums
    • Know how we have to pay our own tuition, but our stipend is increased to accommodate that? Well, NMSU and UNM are likely going to switching to our method. The logic here is (of course) related to taxes: Students must still pay taxes on the tuition. While we pay taxes on the tuition all year long, they currenly have to pay the taxes in one lump sum.
    • Stipo et al. are still going to be evaluating if there is more benefit to us to switch to a tuition waiver.
    • When filing taxes, anyone who is a resident (or a resident for tax purposes) is eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit (with a maximum of $4,000/year) OR tax code IRC 127 (with a maximum of $5,200/year).
  • Spring Picnic: Spring “Potluck”! Set for Thursday, April 25 at 5PM, on the lawn between Driscoll Hall and Brown Hall. The event will be combined with CGS, to make it even better. There will be games and raffles for prizes (prizes TBD):
    • Use your volunteer points (1 ticket/point)
    • Bring a dish to feed 10 people (1 ticket/dish)
    • Donate to the Graduate Student Scholarship Fund (1 ticket/$5)
  • Constitution Update: the rough draft has been sent to Tony for a transformation to legalize.
  • Announcements
    • Faculty Senate: Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) courses are always open to students. The schedule is available on the NMT calendar, and we will post events to our calendar as we see them.
    • SGA:
      • Spring Fling is approaching (schedule soon); ALL STUDENTS are welcome to take part in events!
      • All students are allowed to request funding from the SGA in the form of a Senate Bill. A new ruling on their Constitution requires that all requests come from individual students or official SGA clubs.
    • Graduate Council:
  • TA Positions: There has been increasing concern over the limited number of TA positions in various departments. VP Gerity balances the university budget and assigns the TA budget to each department. This is based on historical numbers AND an “thorough evalution of performance and efficiency”. It was pointed out, quite emphatically, that TA positions are meant to further the education of UNDERGRADUATES. That’s right, you’re TA is supposed to in service to undergraduate education.
    • It is worth mentioning that Lorie is actively trying to find alternate avenues to assist graduate students (other than putting them a TA, that is). This may take the form of a scholarship fund that will help to pay for tuition for graduate students that find themselves running out of research funding but still have 1/2 semesters to complete their degree. She would appreciate additional suggestions.
    • We asked the SGA if undergraduates are noticing a shortage of TA’s in their lab classes, they specifically named:  ES 111, Physics short of sections, Chemistry couldn’t do certain labs because or shortage.
  • Open Forum: there is a new Graduate Coordinator! Megan McElroy will be transferring to CGS. Megan will work closely with Debbie and Lorie, and will work to develop new graduate programs (like electronic versions of forms and professional development).

February 19, 2013

  • Travel Grant Awards: We got $9,200 in requests, and awarded $7,500! We are receiving a lot of applications and they have vastly improved in quality (which is EXCELLENT); however, that means that the committees are often finding themselves with 2 applications that are equal on every level and having to decide which to award. As a tie-breaker, the GSA is going to advise committees to refer to the past volunteering of the applicants. That means that volunteering is even more important!!
  • Dean of Graduate Student Announcements
    • Students can use “Purchase Cards” (P-Card) to pay for airfare! You can use your department’s P-Card (talk to your department chair or secretary). If you have a GSA Travel Grant you will soon be able to use the GSA P-Card (we’re working on getting one). This means that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for those often expensive plane tickets!
    • If you have gone a trip that is more than 24 hours, you ARE able to get a pro-rated per diem for partial days (like if you traveled for 32 hours, then you should get 1.3 per diem). Contact us if you’re having trouble with that part of the travel reimbursement.
    • CGS is working on hiring a new person to help Debbie in the office. That should help us get things done!
  • Graduate Council Updates:
    • NMT will be offering an entrepenuer pilot course this summer. Raul Deju will be the instructor (he was here last year and gave a talk about his experiences). Go here for more information: Please be aware that you will have to apply by March 31.
    • The Air Force Research Lab is seeking out collaborations with NMT. They have contacted a number of faculty about possible projects. If you have an idea for a project that the AFRL might be interested in and are looking for funding, then we can try to put you in touch with the appropriate professor.
    • There have been a lot of changes to course programs (like Physics). If you’re concerned, then you should talk to your department.
    • NMT will be accepting IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores as well as TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) scores.
    • If you have to get an incomplete in a class, then there is a new “Grade Improvement Form”. On this form you and your professor must explain the reason for the Incomplete and include details for how you will complete the course.
    • There is going to be a new 500-level theater class. You will have to get it approved by your committee.
  • Faculty Senate Updates
    • There is a Tax Severance Bond in the State Legislature right now. There is extra money on it for the Bureau of Geology building, but not for anything else (like other projects on campus or raises).
    • There a couple of new proposals in the State Legislature to attempt to make the State Lottery Scholarship Program solvent. If you are concerned about this, then contact us and we can get you more information. The SGA is actively investigating this.
    • There is a bill in the State Legislature that would add a faculty member to the Board of Regents for each university, but not NMT. The Faculty Senate is trying to change that bill.
    • The Campus Computing Committee made the following report:
      • Email server will be changing to either Google or Microsoft 365; they will be testing on campus soon and will be soliciting opinions of faculty, staff, and students.
      • There is a HUGE spoofing problem everywhere just now. Please be aware! The TCC points us here for more information on spoofing:
      • They are still working on finding wireless blind spots on campus, if you find any then let us know and we will pass on the information.
  • Spring Picnic
    • Given a budget of $1,000.
  • Budget
    • We’re GOOD! We are on track to having a buffer in the budget.
  • Open Forum
    • Stipo has volunteered to restart the Tuition Waiver Committee. The goal of this group will be to evaluate the question of a tuition waiver for graduate students on contract. As it stands our stipend is inflated to allow us to pay for our tuition. This effectively shifts the tax burden on to us, with the logic that we get most of the taxes back through education credit. Some of the questions to be considered include: do we get the taxes back? how are international students affected? what are the other possible downsides of the current system?

January 29, 2013

  • Announcements
    • Faculty Senate:
      • A number of changes have been made to the course catalog for E&ES, Math, and Physics. If you are interested in learning specifics about these changes, then please contact the department or the GSA
      • CLASS department has (will have) a new “Graduate Certification in Technical Communication”
      • Academic Calendar is shifting (starting Fall 2013); refer to the Registrar’s website for details (
    • SGA:
      • There is $10,000 available to be used for campus improvements. If you have a suggestion for how this money can be used, then contact the GSA.
    • Travel Grant Deadline (Friday, Feb 1, 11:59PM)
      • Students now to receive submission confirmation emails
      • Some students have an issue with getting their advisor to submit the Letter of Recommendation (without the letter, the application is incomplete and not considered). We will be considering how best to make sure that these students do not get punished because of their advisers inattention.
    • PAS/Tech Club
      • Did you know that you can attend those little dinner-like events that often preceed PAS shows? Well you can! The GSA pays for 10 memberships, and therefore graduate students are invited to these Macey Tech Club Events.
      • Do you wish that there was a way to get cheaper tickets for your family? Well, if you get your tickets directly from the PAS office in Macey, then you can get half-off tickets for your family (and your own free ticket).
      • Ronna ( is starting to build the program for next year, and she would love your feedback. Did you love one of the shows this year, and want to see more like it? Did you really dislike one of the shows? Do you know of a group that is touring, and that she could try to book? If so, then contact Ronna.
    • Student Research Symposium
      • Registration deadline: Feb 1, Noon
      • SRS: April 5
      • SRS is also looking for volunteers to review presentations and “Extended Abstracts” (note, this is actually more like a 10 page paper). If you’re interested, then contact the SRS at or
    • Constitution Committee Update
      • Skeleton Constitution is complete, and the legalese will be incorporated. We will make it available for review and then vote on it later in the semester.
  • Tax/Stipend Committee
    • The committee was disbanded due to lack of participation. A suggestion was made to try again, since now its tax season and everyone SHOULD have their paperwork all together soon-ish. The goal of this committee was to evaluate the tax situation of grad students; specifically, the administration claims that we get back all of the taxes that we pay on our tuition in the form of a tax credit, but do we really?
    • If you are interested in participating, or would simply like to contribute your own tax information, e.g. Adgusted Gross Income, Taxable Income, thencontact the GSA.
    • Some time soon, we intend to put out a call for everyone’s information.
  • Current GSA Budget: everything is GOOD! As of the end of 2012 budget report, we are not only in the black, but we are plus MORE than we expected. That means that we are on track to being solvent with a buffer.
  • Spring Picnic:
    • Planning has commenced! If you’d like to join the planning (and get some points in the process), then email us at
  • Open Forum
    • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please take extra caution with filing your taxes this year. There are some reports that the NMT International Office has been having you do things incorrectly. We will post more information as we have it.
    • New Mexico Tech has a weekly electronic newsletter that features upcoming events, special announcements, links to news articles and other timely items. This is sent only once a week (Tuesday mornings) so signing up won’t fill your in-box with spam. This offering is an opt-in system, meaning you have to sign up. Visit the online calendar ( and simply fill in your name and email address to receive this once-a-week email.Also, student clubs and organizations can add events to the calendar and the e-newsletter by using the “Add Event” feature at the same website.


November 28, 2012

  • Travel Grant Awards
    • $6500 awarded (pending acceptance); $7500 had been budgeted
    • 2 late applications were rejected: make sure that if you intend to apply that you get the letter of recommendation submitted on time. While traditionally this letter is written by your adviser, any professor that is familiar with your research and with your travel plans can write the letter.
  • Thanksgiving dinner
    • Huge success (even without mashed potatoes and gravy)
    • Collected ~300 cans for Puerto Seguro
  • International Students
    • International Office is currently short-staffed, the result is that most paperwork must be generated through UNM. Because this has huge implications on the graduate students (about half of whom are international), the GSA is going to try to push the administration to hire someone soon.
    • One month turn around time on changes to forms (like the I20)
    • Urgent matters should be directed to Lillian Armijo (; signatures can be obtained in the same way as usual
    • There were a lot of questions about the different policies that exist for International students. Things like: what is the policy for disenrolling students? does the administration consider the minimum incomes required for students to maintain their Visa? Sarah H. has volunteered to start compiling information that might be useful for international students to have on hand. If you have information to provide or questions that you would like answered, then please contact the GSA at
  • Thesis/Dissertation Bootcamp: Jan 7-11; must register for the 1 credit COMM 589 class as well as fill out the bootcamp paperwork.
    • Other possibly interesting courses are: Science Writing for General Audiences; Science Writing for ESL Students
  • Formula Funding: A proposal to change the formula has been presented to the State. This formula would result in less funding for NMT. More details will be posted to this website later. Also, the GSA will draft a form letter for students to send to their representative; this will be sent out in an email in a couple of weeks. If you would like to contact Representative Don Tripp (the Socorro rep) on your own this is his contact information:

Representative Don Tripp
Box 1369
Socorro, NM 87801

  • Property/Travel Office Issues: The Faculty Senate has created an “Efficiency Committee” to attempt to help the administration streamline some of the various processes. If you have comments, suggestions, or horror stories to share, please contact the GSA and we will relay that information.
  • Constitution Committee Updates: the skeleton constitution is almost complete. Voting to pass the constitution will happen in the Spring.

November 5, 2012

  • Announcements
    • Travel Grant Deadline (November 13 at 11:59PM) – remember the policy change; refer to the Travel Grants Guidelines (section 1.3) for more details or contact us for questions.
  • Committee Updates:
    • Thanksgiving Committee: Thanksgiving dinner will be Monday, November 19 at 6:30PM at Bodega Burger. Entry will be 2 canned food donations. There will be a contest for most canned food donated. Bodega will have an open cash bar; $1 off beers.
    • Constitution Committee: Committee has been formed; meeting will be soon; detailed outline will be created by the end of the semester.
    • Tuition/Stipend: A meeting was held to begin to figure out all of the issues that need to be addressed. It was decided that the committee would start by analyzing our own taxes to determine whether we would have benefited from a waiver or not. We will eventually contact individuals to grow our statistical sample. The end product of the committee will be a document that explains our results, including a description of the calculation, which will be made publicly available. We hope that this will eventually be voted on by the graduate student body to determine whether or not they would prefer a waiver.
  • Open Discussion
    • What’s the status of the M grant? At last check, last Spring, the M grant account was still low of funds. It will continue to be monitored. Hopefully we will have enough funds to begin awarding the M grant again. Deadlines are usually in the Spring.
    • NM Chemistry Symposium:; it will be this Friday
    • Further discussion about taxes, tuition, and stipend took place. If you have an opinion that you’d like to share, then please email us or use our Forum.
  • Next Meeting: WEDNESDAY, November 28 at 1PM.

October 15, 2012

  • Announcements:
    • The process to create or edit your Graduate Committee can be done through your BanWeb account (no more chasing people for signatures).
    • As you probably noticed, the TCC has migrated to a new Spam Filter Service. Make sure that you edit your settings to NOT block GSA emails.
  • Meeting Reports:
    • Faculty Senate: they have a new Chair (Dr. Richard Sonnenfeld).
    • SGA Meeting: 49ers is this week, so you should make sure to attend! Check out the schedule:
    • Graduate Council:
      • Math department is adding new minors
      • Technical Communications is beginning the formation of a graduate program (first a certification will be available, then a Masters)
      • Each department will be doing a “profile”; this is primarily for recruiting purposes.
  • Constitution Update:
    • Committee will meet soon; if you are not involved and want to be, then email us.
    • Self appointed deadlines: skeleton by January 2013, final product by May 2013.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Update: Dinner will be Monday, November 19, and will include a raffle. Donations for non-perishable food items will be collected.
  • Addition to GSA Grants Policy: the change was finalized and approved at the meeting. For details about the addition, refer to the Travel Grants Submission Guidelines, and contact us if you have questions.
  • Open Discussion:
    • A number of additional travel issues were discussed, including problems getting reimbursed in a “timely fashion” (data from 1 department shows that 1 month is the typical wait time), booking travel through a department travel agent (this keeps the bill off your credit card, but you should make sure to give them the information for the exact flight that you want), partial days on travel (if you’re gone less than 24 hours, then per diem is not reimbursed). Lorie will take most of this to the administration on our behalf.
    • We are being transitioned to an electronic version of the travel form.
    • Is there a thesis template available in Word? We don’t know of one. Does anyone know if this exists and where to find it?
    • A committee is being formed to evaluate the tuition/stipend options as they relate to our taxes. As you probably know, you have to pay for your own tuition. The reason for this is tied to Tech’s interpretation of tax laws: they have decided to shift the tax burden onto the students with the rationale that most of us are eligible for the various education credits. That means that we get most of (if not all of or more than) the taxes that we paid get in the form of a reimbursement from the government. The committee will have the task of determining the actual numbers: what’s the average amount paid by students in taxes due to tuition, what’s the average amount that student’s get back from the government, etc. If tuition were waived for students on a contract, then what are the benefits and problems? The information will eventually be presented to the administration and students, and the students will likely be asked to participate in a poll about whether or not they want tuition to be waived. If you’d like to take part in this conversation or serve on the committee, then pleasecontact us.
  • Next meeting is November 5.

September 24, 2012


  • Election Results
  • SGA Meeting
    • If you are in a club and are going on a (costly) trip, then consider if you can apply for a GSA travel grant. If you can legitimately claim that the trip will benefit your degree, then you may be able to get funding. Note that the GSA cannot fund a club, but can fund individuals; the SGA can fund a club, but cannot fund individuals.
  • Future GSA Meetings: we will meet October 15, November 5, and November 26 at 1PM in Library 212 (unless you are notified otherwise). Mark your calendars!
  • Recycling Program: This is a joint effort with the SGA and several clubs on campus. Things are moving forward, and we’re hopeful of having a small-scale version in place by 49ers. If you (or your club) want to help, then contact us at


  • Thanksgiving Dinner: A small committee has been formed and will be starting to plan the dinner. General details should be formed and a budget should be set by next meeting. If you’d like to join, then please contact the GSA.
  • Constitution Committee: The committee has been formed and will soon begin the process of overhauling the Constitution. If you’d like to join, then please contact the GSA.


  • The GSA is considering establishing a policy by which departments that are inactive, i.e. have not department representatives, will not be eligible to receive GSA Funding. This means that students from those departments will not be able to receive GSA Travel Grants. A suggestion was made to ensure that individual students can appeal to a committee based on exceptional circumstances, e.g. students that volunteer regularly but can’t attend meetings (and therefore can’t be representatives for their department) or new students who haven’t been able to volunteer. Additional feedback is appreciated.
  • An issue regarding student travel was raised. The student has been having trouble getting reimbursed for travel. For more information, refer to our FAQ page.
  • Dr. Gerity has approved the establishment of a Diversity Center on campus. This center would be a lounge that serves to “display the diversity at NMT”. Location is TBD. Currently the CGS is collecting cultural artwork to display. If you’d like to loan or donate a piece of culturally significant artwork, then please contact the CGS.

September 5, 2012


  • Update of SGA summer activities
  • Faculty Senate meeting
    • Record number of incoming students
    • Working on Formula Funding with state
    • Club Fair Friday 9/7
    • Career Fair 9/20
    • Van Romero is putting together a video promo for various research facilities around campus

Dr. Liebrock

  • New academic integrity policy
  • Working on promoting graduate studies at NMT and within the state
    • Working on having graduate students speak to state reps and discuss how grad student research is helping the state
    • TA/RA stipends have been increased to coincide with increased tuition costs
    • Tuition is no longer tax deductible?


  • All officer positions are open
  • Elections will be held online
  • Nominations for positions are open until Friday Sept 14
  • Voting Closes September 21


  • New point system in place
  • Points can be used toward PAS events that cost money, travel grants
  • Needed for Constitution Committee, Travel Grants Committee, and Thanksgiving Dinner Committee

Travel Grants

  • Future travel grants will be due at 11:59 instead of 5:00pm
  • No late applications accepted
  • 5 travel grants successfully submitted


  • Within budget
  • Working on building a buffer

TA Travel (Presidential Fund)

  • $8,000 available each year
  • Only available if travel is academically beneficial

Open Discussion

  • Per Diem rates for Federal and State
  • Possible recycling program on campus?

June 27, 2012

  • Announcements
    • Volunteer opportunities: July 4 BBQ at Macey; Constitution Committee
  • Travel Award Report: For the Fall travel period, we were able to award 100% of the requests (although there were only 2 applicants). The unused amount will roll over to the Winter travel period IF it is needed.
  • Budget Report: everything is still copacetic.
  • President’s Fund: Travel Policy Committee met and a recommendation has been forwarded to the President’s office. If you have questions regarding the fund, our recommendation, or the policy itself, contact us at, and we either answer the question or point you in the right direction.
  • Elections: We will hold elections in Fall 2012. Officers will serve for ONE FULL year (meaning that their term will end Fall 2013). All positions are open. If you are interested, then please contact us at

April 18, 2012

  • Announcements
    • Spring Flung starts today! Refer to the calendar for a full schedule.
    • Spring Picnic is Thursday 4/26 @ 5:00pm Patio between Fidel, Wells, and the Gym. We will need volunteers; email to sign up.
    • Grad Office (CGS) BBQ & Potluck is May 1 @ 5:30 pm on the south lawn between Brown Hall and Driscoll; bring side dishes or desserts or help cook. They will need volunteers; email to sign up.
    • Nominations for Professor of the Year deadline is Thursday, April 19; email to nominate your favorite professor.
    • Administrative Professionals Day Wednesday April 25th; the GSA will be passing out cards and small gifts to the many administrative staff on campus. We are looking for volunteers to help with this. Either email us at or show up at our office April 25 at 9AM.
  • SA Meeting
    • Paydirt’s last issue will be out at the end of the month, and as always they are looking for content. Deadline for content is April 24, and you could get paid; click here for details.
    • KTEK has been undergoing some serious improvements, with even more planned for the future. Click here for more information.
    • PAS is very interested in getting student input on the shows she brings to Tech. She wants feedback (did you love it or hate it?) and suggestions for future shows. Like them on Facebook and start voicing your opinion!
    • SA Elections were yesterday: Sohaib remains president, Caitlin Guenther (former Senator) is VP, several new senators; new constitution passed. FYI: we are likely going to try to adopt a very similar model for operations, more on that later.
  • Student Admin Forum
    • As always, there were lots of great questions asked, and some very interesting answers. We will eventually have a full list of these posted.
  • Constitution Committee: the Constitution needs to be updated, and Gus will be heading up a committee to get this process going. If you are interested in helping shape the Constitution, then you should probably read it and email us at
  • Volunteer Incentives: Since most of the grad students here won’t volunteer just for the warm fuzzies it gives, we have devised an incentive program. Once it’s finalized it will be posted on the Volunteers page.
  • Travel Policy Committee: Remember all that fuss about TA’s traveling on grants? The solution was to have a separate fund where all students (TA’s, RA’s, undergrads) can request funding. We will be forming a recommendation on how they administer that fund. Interested? Email us at
  • Budget Update: For the first time in a long time, we are spending neutral! We will be slowly working on building a nice big budgetary cushion. Questions? Email us at
  • Discussion:
    • Student and Faculty/Staff Appreciation Awards. Have nominations? Send them to by Thursday, April 19.
    • American Physical Society 4-Corners Regional Conference is being held at NMT in October, and the GSA has been tapped as a potential sponsor. We are going to try to provide some support, and once we know the state of our budget next year we will settle on an amount.

March 28, 2012

  • Upcoming events:
    • ArcAttack on Friday with Up Close & Personal (Q&A) on Thursday (Don’t forget to RSVP!)
    • SRS April 13:
    • Spring Fling April 18-April 22
    • PhD Movie (need volunteers) Wed, April 18: points for volunteering that can either be applied to your application or towards your club.
    • Spring Picnic April 26: volunteers needed!
    • CGS Picnic (?): If you want to possibly have some more free food that will be paid for by the Center for Graduate Studies, then let us know when you think is a good time for it!
  • Health Insurance Update: We have interviewed the insurance companies and will hopefully start negotiating soon. Premiums will be going up, but benefits will be improved: no more internal cap for prescriptions, out of pocket max of $5000, and preventative care will be covered at 100%. There are some more improvements, contact for more specific information.
  • Graduate Student Activity fee will be increasing by 10%. This will help pay for more travel grants and to have enough to pay the SA for services they provide
  • NMT student travel grant policy recommendation committee: the administration is looking for a recommendation on their travel grant policy (this is the travel grant that was established to solve the “TA travel” problem). If you are interested in sitting on this committee, then please contact the GSA

March 7, 2012

  • Grades: Remember all that grade change stuff everyone has been talking about? It’s in effect now. That means that, starting this semester, there is no more “Incomplete” or “Satisfactory”. Research/thesis type credits will either receive a U (unsatisfactory) or a PR (progress). PR will indicate that you have made sufficient progress, so make sure that you and your adviser agree about what is sufficient.
  • More grades: There is a proposal in the Faculty Senate to create an ‘A+’ grade. They’d like some student opinion on this. Do you think that there should be an ‘A+’ grade? If so, do you think that ‘A+’ should be worth more GPA points than an ‘A’? Please contact the GSA if you interested in joining this discussion.
  • Student Admin Forum: April 3, 5:30PM; this is your opportunity to ask questions of the administration. Questions may be required in advance, so start thinking!
  • Comparative Study: Lorie (Graduate Dean) has completed her comparative study; she considered the stipend paid by UNM, NMSU, and NMT and factored in the tuition paid, health insurance paid, room/board, and cost of living. The results are that NMT pays its RA’s better, but UNM pays its TA’s better (NMSU is way behind us). She sent the results to the administration with the following suggestions: raise the lower limit for TA’s to be competitive with UNM, raise the upper limit for RA’s, provide some sort of incentive for students that were raised in NM, update department budgets so that they can afford to pay the TAs. She is looking for input, so if you’d like to see how she did the calculation, then email her:
  • SRS Reviewers: Are you interested in being a reviewer for the Student Research Symposium? Go here: for more information and to register as a reviewer
  • Lights on Athletic Field: The entire athletic field is being re-vamped. Part of that will be to include lighting. Right now they are trying to decide on the placement of the lights. Let us know if you have an opinion on that.
  • Game Room Fee: The Game Room fee is now permanent. That means that you will be paying for the game room, so you might as well use it
  • Tuition increase: Tuition goes up every year. This year, Dr. Lopez wants to have a 4% increase that will help to provide a 2% pay raise for faculty. I’m sure that our stipends will be similarly increased, but the GSA is going to stay on top of that.
  • Graduate Student Activity fee increase: The fee didn’t go up last year, and the year before there was a 10% increase. The GSA wants to have another 10% increase (this will increase the fees from $75.31 to $82.84). With the extra funds, they will be able to fund more travel grants and provide more services for the graduate student population.

February 15, 2012

  • Announcements:
    • The PhD movie will be shown at Macey Center on Wednesday, April 18 to kick off Spring Fling. This is free for students. If you would like to help, email Alisa at
    • Planning for the spring picnic is underway. If you would like to help, email
    • There is now an SA rep in the GSA and the GSA has had reps in the SA so all Tech SAs are now repped.
    • The state funding formula for schools has changed. As a result, no no grades (I, OG, etc.) are rewarded. Everything is either a letter grade or S/U. Be sure your adviser knows this and acts accordingly. It would also be useful to have any previous no grades changed.
    • The graduate dean is looking into how Tech’s graduate students’ cash in pocket compares to the other state universities. This would be your stipend minus tuition, health care, cost of living, etc. Tax bracket issues are being looked into. This includes eligibility for financial aide based on taxable income. Also if you receive a research grant, be wary of this can effect your income and how it may be taxed. Don’t get stuck with a big bill come tax time.
  • CLASS:
    • If you would like the Writing Center to proof read your dissertation/ thesis, get in contact with them early in the semester. Don’t expect them to do it in two weeks
    • The Oral Presentation Center is available to give a mock presentation and receive pointers. Go get yourself recorded.
    • There are wide variety of communications classes to take if you are interested, such as creative writing
    • Writing classes for non-native English speakers are available
    • A Conversation Cafe for non-native English speakers and their spouses is in the works. This is to give people the opportunity to work on conversational English, especially spouses.
    • The Student Research Symposium is looking for reviewers and mentors. Contact Mary Dezember at if you are interested.
  • Other items:
    • Redefining the word count and grading criteria for the GSA travel grants was brought up. The current guidelines are found here If you have an opinion, contact
    • There is a link to a Doodle poll to find a time to discuss the health insurance proposals here,
    • The non-RA travel policy is in place to comply with federal and state policies (cover Tech’s ass). A travel fund is in place and guidelines are how to apply are being worked out. Currently, just get your adviser to talk to the travel dept. You can volunteer for the committee to work on the guidelines.
    • The GSA has a printer to print your thesis. Let them know a week before hand. Details on how to check out equipment (computers and such) from the GSA are being worked on.
    • Not only are all Tech SAs properly repped, there is even a contract between them now.
    • More dept. reps are needed

January 25, 2012

  • Reminder that summer travel grant deadline is Feb 1st
    • Need volunteers for review committee
  • Student Association meeting reported on
    • SA has about $6k more in funds this semester, senators were encouraged to come up with ideas for the money. A mural above the waterfall near Jones Annex was mentioned.
    • New baseball club received $1k for equipment
    • New/returning senators sworn in
    • GSA rep brought up possibility of showing the Ph.D. comics movie on campus. SA seemed interested, and likely willing to provide some funding.
  • Student Research Symposium is being held at Tech Friday, April 13th.
    • Need student reviewers and mentors
    • Students encouraged to participate
    • Registration deadline is Feb 10th
    • Contact one of the GSA officers for more information about who to contact to volunteer
  • Thesis printing was discussed
    • GSA is looking into prices of printing in the GSA office vs other locations on campus and reimbursing. Will have results by next meeting
  • Valentines Day Dinner
    • 2 sections: grad and undergrad. Grad section will serve alcohol, undergrad section will not.
    • GSA covers half the ticket price, so tickets only cost $10
    • 80 students in each section, so tickets are limited
  • Officer Elections
    • GSA President position open.
    • 2 Candidates
      • Current GSA Information Officer Alisa Shtromberg
      • Divya Suryakumar
    • Divya Suryakumar won position with a vote of 10-17 with no one abstaining
  • Science Olympiad is coming to Tech February 25th, 2012.
    • Looking for volunteers to supervise events
    • Contact one of the GSA officers for more information about who to contact to volunteer.
  • Health Insurance
    • Looking for input from graduate students regarding health insurance needs and/or issues.
    • Will likely hold a separate meeting that will be announced at the next GSA general meeting


November 30, 2011

A new GSA president is needed for next semester. This is typically a year long appointment but coming in during the spring semester means it could only be 6 months, or a year, or a year.5, your choice really. If you are interested, let the GSA know. Date for nominations is the last day of finals, Dec. 15. Refer to the Constitution for a summary of responsibilities.

There is still a need for department reps. If you are interested let the GSA know. Reps for departments other than physics and EES are really needed.

A portion of the presidential funds have been set aside for TA travel. Unfortunately, it is only a max of $8000 a year. This has been an ongoing concern for TAs. As mentioned previously, if you are TAing and want/need to travel for research purposes, an advisors grant cannot pay for the travel due to tax reasons. There are stipulations saying if you are not currently being paid from the grant, you are not allowed to travel on the grant. A once per semester loophole is available through the travel office, mentioned previously. However, this is only once a semester and if multiple trips are needed then apparently you are up a creek. To help this problem, a portion of the presidential funds had been set aside for TA travel. But only $8000 a year. If you foresee this being a problem for you, get on it and talk to your adviser.

Portions of campus shutoff wireless access over breaks. This is being looked into. It does not mean your office will lose internet access, only the wireless is off and apparently intermittently. I don’t think this effects networks people have set up on their own though, only those provided by Tech (i.e. Fidel).

The TCC has a new plotter and giant scanner so we can start scanning each other once they figure out to charge for it.

There was mention of TCC working on a new email system.

November 2, 2011

Facebook page was brought up, everyone was invited to “like” it and advised to check the page for new events. Google Calendar on the new GSA website also used to inform students of upcoming events.

New officers were introduced.

Office hours were announced for new GSA office in Fidel. Encouraged people to come to have travel forms signed. All officers now have signature authority. Students were encouraged to have their travel forms submitted at least two weeks in advance of travel when possible.

Changes to Travel Grant Guidelines -

  • All members of the GSA (degree-seeking AND fee-paying graduate students) will be able to apply for grants.
  • Students may request funds for travel originating/terminating in any location (not just Socorro). If your travel does not originate or terminate in Socorro, then you are advised to fully explain your travel choice. The Travel Grant Review committee makes the final decision about what funds to award, and requests with inadequate explanations are unlikely to be funded.
  • While it has not been enforced in the past, it is required that all students that receive an award from the GSA submit a Travel Summary upon their return. This summary need not be lengthy. If you presented at a conference, a copy of the conference abstract (plus proof of the presentation) is sufficient. If you conducted field work, a short summary of the work performed is sufficient. If you received a grant in Winter 2011, you will be required to submit this summary after your travel.
  • Similarly, a student that ends up NOT using their award will be required to submit a summary explanation of this. Be aware that even if you don’t USE the award it still counts toward your award total. If you submit the summary explanation and there is a good reason you didn’t use the award (e.g., sickness, canceled conference) then you may be able to get the award removed from your record. This decision will be made by the Review Committee. If you can’t use the award for the original purpose, but there is an equally valid travel opportunity (in the travel period), then you may request to use your funds for this other travel. Again, this decision will be made by the Review Committee.

Student Association Meeting – Phil C. (Treasurer) is on the Finance Committee of the S.A.; this means that we will have some say in how our fees are used. All graduate students are welcome to attend the Student Association meetings; the SA meets every other Tuesday at 8PM in Workman 101.

Faculty Senate Meeting – Nothing particularly earth-shattering happened; some changes were approved that will affect incoming graduate students to certain programs.

Student-Administration Forum -

  • Questions regarding our stipend were asked:
    • Q: when can we expect a raise that accounts for the full increase in tuition/fees AND standard of living? A: the administration will look into things, but please remember that the whole university is experiencing a tight budget
    • Q: why (exactly) do we pay tuition/fees when most universities provide waivers? A: no real answer was given, however we were warned that the state legislature wants to do away with all waivers (currently the only one at NMT is that out-of-state students oncontract can pay in-state tuition). We should keep our ears open about developments here, and be ready to express the appropriate concern at the appropriate time.
  • There were a few questions about some of the policies for International Students; the conclusion here is that we (the GSA) need an International Student Representative to help clarify these issues. If you are interested in being this rep or if you have related questions, please contact the GSA.

Research Symposium Information Session – there is going to be a Research Symposium this coming April. This will be an opportunity for all students (grad and undergrad) to “showcase their research and design projects” to a non-technical audience. If you are interested or would like more information, please refer to the website. There was some discussion about the possibility of creating a graduate student contest for this symposium. While it is unlikely that we will convince the organizers to allow this, it is possible that we could restart the Graduate Student Research Symposium and include a competition component. If you are interested in such a possibility, please contact the GSA.

Thanksgiving Dinner – The Thanksgiving Dinner will be Monday, November 21 evening in the Student Activities Center. More details (cost, etc.) will be provided soon. Right now, we need some volunteers! You can sign up to:

  • collect the can food donations at the door OR
  • be a liaison to Chartwells throughout the evening, to ensure that ecerything runs smoothly

Both tasks require minimal effort; volunteers will earn points towards their next Travel Grant Application. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the GSA.

October 12, 2011

Research Symposium – There is a campus wide research symposium planned for Friday, April 13th. This is to advertise your research to the entire campus and is geared for multidisciplinary research. It will be a forum to present what you are doing to a general audience and see what the rest of campus is doing. A survey for this was recently sent out.

Receipts – A recent email was circulated about a change in the receipt/reimbursement policy. There is no change, proceed as before. Apparently someone ripped the bar codes off some pizza boxes and wanted reimbursed causing the ruckus.

Graduate student travel reimbursement policy – Talk about TAs not being able to be reimbursed for travel was discussed. This arises from tax reasons. In the case Tech is audited and it is found a student was reimbursed for travel on from a grant they were not being paid for at the time of travel, a huge flag is raised and can come with great consequences. BUT, there is a one time supplement form available (one time as in once per semester). If you are a TA and are travelling to present/do research while on that TA, this form will allow the grant to pay for the travel. This is a case of Tech covering their own … Talk to the travel office or your advisor for more info.

Copyright forms – FYI, a copyright form must now be filled out before printing your dissertation/thesis. Tech is putting all of these online. The copyright form gives Tech permission to update your dissertation/thesis to whatever format they want. In the case there is sensitive patent or journal information that should not be put into a public forum, a one year hold can be put on the dissertation/thesis before it is published online.

Regent meetings – Possibility of the GSA having one non-voting member on the board of regents. The member would work in conjunction with the voting student member. Regent meetings are open to the public, check the Tech website for info.

Website – GSA has a new website. Alisa has more info.

GSA office in Fidel, room 171.

If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the GSA, let me know or come to the meetings, there is free food (bacon and green chile pizza).