Adviser Recommendation Form

A letter of support from the applicant’s adviser is required for all Grant Applications.  If the applicant’s adviser is on sabbatical or leave, the department chair or a member of the thesis/dissertation committee may write the letter.

Travel Grant Letter of Recommendation

The letter should contain:

  • A short explanation of the activity and why the student should be funded.
  • A statement as to the availability of travel funds.

Advisers should be aware that the GSA travel grant is a competitive grant.  Lackluster letters of recommendation will reflect badly on the student’s application and may result in a lower funding priority.

Please do not include any extraneous material, such as conference schedules, abstracts, authored papers, or resumes.  Extraneous material will by deleted by the Student Grants Officer and not forwarded to the review committee.

Once the letter has been submitted, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the adviser.  We ask advisers to send a quick reply to verify they wrote the recommendation.

DEADLINE:  For detailed schedule and deadline listing see the Travel Grants page.

Travel grant submission deadline has passed!