Travel Grants

The most common type of grant offered by the GSA is the “Travel Grant”.  Travel Grants are awarded to help students attend conferences, present posters and papers, collect data for experiments, and more.

Current Grant Due Dates:

Funding Period Proposal Deadline
Summer: April 1 – September 30 February 13
Fall: July 1 – December 31 June 5
Winter: October 1 – March 31 September 4
Spring: January 1 – June 30 November 14

*Note:  Deadline is at 11:59PM on the listed date (as of 9/12/2012).

If you’re not eligible for a GSA Travel Grant or need more funding than the GSA Travel Grant awards you, then you have a few options left:

  1. Double check with your adviser — often this is a moot point, because you probably (hopefully) already triple checked the availability of funds from your adviser.
  2. External funding — national/international organizations and conference/workshop organizers often have travel grants available.
  3. Apply to the NMT Administration (refer to the “Student Travel Reimbursement” Policy).

In the third case, you will need to submit a proposal very similar to your GSA Travel Grant Application to the Academic Affairs Office.  The policy linked above doesn’t specify exactly what your proposal should include, so I’m guessing here (if you find out that I’m wrong, then please let me know):

  • Brief travel summary; my guess is that they want to know more about why you need to travel and what other funding you’ve looked for and less about the specifics of your project.
  • Adviser “nomination”/statement of support:  my guess is that more weight will be put on the adviser’s statement; the statement should probably include explicit information about why the research grant can’t support the travel.
  • Budget; with specific information about what you want them to cover.