New Mexico Tech Student Association

The New Mexico Tech Student Association represents all students at NMT, undergraduate and graduate students.  Every year a portion of your “Graduate Student Activity Fee” goes to the SA for the various services and opportunities that they provide.  Here’s a list of the services and opportunities, with more information about each.


Paydirt is a newspaper published by the SA.  All students can submit content, articles and/or photos, and be paid for it!!  Check the GSA calendar for deadlines on submitting content.  You can download the pay rates for contributors here.

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board is responsible for many of the student events that happen on campus, e.g., movie nights, comedy nights, Spring Fling.  All students are always invited to attend.  If you would like to see a certain type of event, then let them know!


The SATD is also known as the Student Activities Center (SAC).  All clubs and groups of students are invited to hold events in the SAC.  They have (or will have) new lighting and sound equipment, new tables/chairs, and new computer equipment.  You will have to go through the SA to reserve the SAC.


KTEK is the student run NMT radio station, listen on the radio at 1670AM (sadly, only on campus) and online at  You can listen, call in to make announcements, or even DJ!

Student Clubs

All student clubs that meet the SA requirements are eligible for funding.  Contact the SA to find out if your club is meeting its requirements and to apply for additional funding.  If you noticed that you didn’t get your full requested budget, keep in mind that you can also submit a bill ( or apply to the Open Finance Committee for additional funds.  If you are throwing an event for the whole student body, you can even apply for an event grant (