The GSA offers several services to all NMT Graduate Students. We hope to expand our services beyond the listed items below. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us via email

To request for any of these services please contact the GSA via email

NOTE: The Center for Graduate Studies is transitioning to an online thesis and dissertation submission process with a publisher devoted to this kind of publication. This means that students will not have to submit any printed version of their thesis/dissertation. However, the publisher will need a copyright permission forms for all the material that has been published in journal elsewhere (e.g. figures). For example, you have published a paper in journal XYZ and use one of the figures from the paper in your thesis/dissertation; you will have to get copyright to use that figure in your dissertation for publishing. It seems that hat is not such big issue. To get “permissions to reuse copyrighted material” you need to go the the publishers website and and find material related to ”rights and permissions”. If necessary create an account with the specific publisher and find and fill out the information for using a figure (or other materials) for your thesis/dissertation. Most faculty members and grad students are unaware of this so please spread the word.

Free Thesis/Dissertation Printing

Each graduate student is required by the Office of the Registrar to provide three unbound copies of their thesis/dissertation, in addition to an electronic copy, as part of their graduation requirements. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) covers the cost to print these. Below are the guidelines set forth by the GSA in regards to thesis/dissertation printing.

  • Each graduate student is entitled to have the cost of three copies of their thesis/dissertation printed by the GSA. Printing should only occur after the thesis/dissertation has been approved and no further edits are required.
  • Printing of a thesis/dissertation may take up to one week, therefore students must make their printing request to the GSA at least one week prior to the date they would like their copies. Requests can be made at GSA general meetings, at GSA office hours, or by contacting a GSA officer directly.
  • Printing shall be done during established GSA office hours. If for some reason a student is unable to attend any of these office hours, then the student will provide an electronic copy of their thesis/dissertation to the GSA so that it can be printed during GSA office hours.
  • Printing will be done on standard printer paper with black ink for text and tables and colored ink for figures. If a student wishes to use different paper then they may provide it to the GSA at their own cost.
  • Printing will be done in the order that printing requests are received.
  • If the GSA is unable to print a student’s thesis/dissertation within one week of receiving a student’s request, then the thesis/dissertation will be printed elsewhere on campus and the costs charged to the GSA. A GSA officer must approve printing outside of the GSA.
  • If a student wishes to have their thesis/dissertation printed outside of the GSA, then the GSA will reimburse the amount that it would cost to print it with the GSA at that time. Prior approval from a GSA officer is required.

Equipment Lending

The following equipment is available for lending from the GSA:

Item Description
Laptop Apple
Laptop Dell
Wireless mouse Apple Mighty Mouse
Laptop Battery MacBookPro 15inch rechargeable battery
Airline adaptor Apple MagSafe Airline Adaptor

Equipment lending policy coming soon!