Forms You Will Need

  • Report of PhD (or Masters) Advisory Committee:  Remember that form that you have needed your committee to sign at every milestone of your academic career?  When you are ready to graduate all sections of that form must be signed and turned into the Graduate Dean.  This is sometimes called the “Signature Form”.
  • Intent to Graduate:  This form is due the semester before your intended graduation, and should be turned into the Registrar’s Office.
  • You will need to give a preliminary copy of your thesis/dissertation to your adviser and committee with ample time for review.  Typically, you should have the CGS staff review the formatting at this point as well (though if you stuck to the template, then this shouldn’t be an issue).
  • Schedule your defense.  The defense must happen before the end of the semester.
  • Defend!
  • Submit a digital copy and 3 printed copies of your thesis/dissertation to the CGS.

The CGS has put together a nice checklist for you:

If you’re completing a Masters with Independent Study, then your process is similar, but with a presentation instead of a defense and an Independent Study instead of a thesis/dissertation; here is your checklist:

Things to Remember

  • You can graduate any month you want, as long as you have completed all of your requirements by the time you submit the paperwork.  For example, if you wanted to graduate in March, your Signature Form should be turned into the Center for Graduate Studies by February 27.  The date on your degree will be the date on which the Dean signs the forms.
    • Please be aware that while you may have officially graduated, you are still technically a student at Tech until the end of the semester.  This is because you have already paid tuition and fees for the whole semester; you will not be reimbursed for the partial semester.
    • If you want to participate in Commencement, then you should have your signature form turned into the Center for Graduate Studies at least 2 weeks before.  This is to give them time to review everything and for the Registrar to print your diploma.
  • You will need 3 copies of your thesis/dissertation for the school AND an electronic copy.  Before you print your thesis/dissertation, you will have to give the electronic copy to the Graduate Office so that they can check the formatting.  The GSA provides free printing for these 3 copies.  Please refer to our Printing Policy.  The Library provides free binding for the 3 copies of your thesis/dissertation that stay with Tech.
  • Make sure all of your accounts are settled (Library fines, keys returned, mail forwarded at Post Office).  If you owe the school any money, that might hold up your graduation.