Filling Out Travel Forms

Anytime you travel using NMT resources you are required to submit a “Travel Request and Reimbursement Voucher”. This form is available from the NMT Travel Office; you can also get one from your department secretary. Filling this form out can be a little confusing sometimes. The form has 3 parts:

  1. White Form: Before your trip, you must make estimates of your expenses on this form. It should be turned in about 2 weeks before your trip (4 weeks before, if you are traveling Internationally).
  2. Yellow Form: After your trip, you must report the actual expenses (including receipts). Once you have turned in this form your reimbursement will be processed.  Processing can take about 2 weeks
  3. Pink Form: For your records. Make sure to keep a copy of the travel form for your records. Your department might also want a copy.

*Note:  the paper version of the form is being phased out.  An electronic version of the form (as a spreadsheet) is available for download from the NMT Travel Office, or here.

Sample Forms

If you are traveling using funds from a single account your forms should look something like this:























*Please note that the GSA only needs to sign as the “Division Head” if you received a GSA Travel Grant.  In all other cases the P.I. of the project (or your adviser) should sign here.

You can also download this sample form

Which per diem rate do you use?

The real question is: What kind of funds are you traveling on? State or Federal? If you’re not sure, then you should ask your funding source. Note: If you have a GSA Travel Grant, then you are using STATE funds.

If you are traveling on State funds, then the per diem rates you must use are listed on the back of the Travel Form. Likely, the State of New Mexico has more current per diem information. However, New Mexico Tech is NOT required to use the most up to date rates, and (sadly) don’t count on them updating the rates anytime soon. You should note that there is a difference between PER DIEM and ACTUAL PER DIEM.  The regular per diem is hotel AND food. The actual per diem is your actual cost for hotel and $30 for food. For GSA Travel Grants, we require that food per diem be $30, and that hotel costs be actuals. Typically, this works to the student’s advantage, because then your hotel will cost what it costs and you still have $30 to feed yourself. The alternative would be to let you use, for example, $140 for hotel and food (in LA). That seems like an even more daunting task than feeding yourself for $30.

If you are traveling on Federal funds, then you have to refer to this website: The website breaks down the hotel cost and food cost by city. For example, in LA you have $125 for hotel and $71 for food, thus making your per diem $196. New Mexico Tech is required to use these rates.



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