About GSA

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is an organization made up of all graduate students at New Mexico Tech. The GSA represents graduate students on policy-making committees, including Faculty Council, Graduate Council, Institute Senate, and the Student Association. We work with the administration to address issues relating to student life at Tech. We award travel grants for graduate students to present research at professional meetings. We also provide some social activities for graduate students and their families.

All degree seeking graduate students are members of the GSA, and are invited to participate in all GSA committees, meetings, and activities and events. Decisions are made by the GSA Council, which is made up of representatives from each graduate department. Departmental representation is based on the number of graduate students in the department. Each department is responsible for electing their own representatives. Officers are elected from the GSA Council by Council members.

Meetings are open to all graduate students, and we welcome your input. Meeting announcements are sent through the GSA mailing list. To subscribe to the GSA email list simply send a blank email with the subject subscribe to GSA email list to: gsa@npe.nmt.edu