Department Representative: We need department representatives! Volunteer to become one! Email if you are interested. Current open positions can be found here.

Fall/Spring GSA Office hours:

The GSA officers will be available during the week for paperwork and general question. Office hours are posted and available on the officer page. You may also send questions to

CGS/GSA Fall Picnic 2017

The annual Fall Picnic hosted by the Center for Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Association will be this Thursday, August 31st, at 5pm on the lawn between Driscoll Hall and Brown Hall. There will be BBQ and vegetarian options for all graduate students, faculty, and your family members. This will be a great way for students to start the semester fresh with free food and company.

If you would like to volunteer to help set up or clean up, please send an email to By volunteering, you will earn Volunteer Points which can be used on future travel grant applications. Another way to earn a volunteer point is to bring a dessert or side dish that feeds 12 people.


Did You Know?

New Mexico Tech has a weekly electronic newsletter that features upcoming events, special announcements, links to news articles and other timely items. This is sent only once a week (Tuesday mornings) so signing up won’t fill your in-box with spam. This offering is an opt-in system, meaning you have to sign up. Visit the online calendar and simply fill in your name and email address to receive this once-a-week email.

Reasonable Accommodations
New Mexico Tech is committed to protecting the rights of individuals
with disabilities.  Qualified individuals who require reasonable
accommodations are invited to make their needs known to the Office of
Counseling and Disability Services (OCDS) as soon as possible.  To
schedule an appointment, please call 835-6619.

Counseling Services
New Mexico Tech offers mental health and substance abuse counseling
through the Office of Counseling and Disability Services.  The
confidential services are provided free of charge by licensed
professionals.  To schedule an appointment, please call 835-6619.

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Our embedded calendar is no longer supported, please see our Facebook page for upcoming GSA Events.

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