New Mexico Council of Graduate Deans

Meetings - scheduled on an as needed basis by the chair of the New Mexico Council of Graduate Deans typically through the dean of graduate studies on your campus.  

NMCGD Members:

  • Dr. , WNMU - member

  • Dr. , UNM - Vice President

  • Dr. , NMHED - ex officio member

  • Dr. , NMHU - member

  • Dr. , NMT - member

  • Dr. , NMSU - President

  • Dr. , ENMU - member

NMCGD Constitution

Agenda and Minutes

New graduate degree submission process (updated 2010) for the NMCGD

Revised procedures for the approval of some New Certificate Programs have been implemented.  See the section related to Certificate programs in 5NMAC 5.2

Graduate Program Approval Procedures (Effective July 1, 2007)

Proposals pending before the NMCGD

Proposals approved by the NMCGD and pending final approval

Proposals not approved by the NMCGD, but forwarded to the Academic Council

Proposals not approved by the NMCGD


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