NMT Go Club — 2012

The New Mexico Tech Go Club is a club for people of all ratings from just-starting beginner to strong amateur. We meet a few times every week and offer books and guidance for beginners, and strong competition and tournament games for everyone who wants to take part. A lot of us just play in the Fidel center anytime, and most of us have accounts on KGS — an online go server.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday) in the Fidel Center. On Tuesday and Thursday we meet from 8:00 pm until around 11:00 pm. There is a go set in the Game Room that you can use any time. We also have a Facebook Group for discussion of various things and keeping contact with other members.

We also have weekly ladder tournaments for members of all strengths. Currently we have members ranging from 2k to 30k strength. To join the ladder, just submit your name and rank on the Ladder Page.

To join us, just drop by any time we're playing or check out our facebook group, NMT Go Association.