Date Recent Events
Oct. 15, 2015 Jesse Adamczyk honored by being first undergraduate student to give a presentation on his research work at NMT’s “Tech Talks”
July 27, 2015 Graduate student Kevin Ring successfully defends his MS Thesis entitled “Microstructural impacts on the electrical properties of copper and titanium substituted bismuth vanadates”.
June 14-19, 2015 Paul Fuierer attends the 11th International Conference on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications in Vancouver, BC, to present results from the MWN project.
May 13-16, 2015 Kevin Ring and Joerg Exner attend the 7th International Conference on Electroceramics (ICE2015), in State College, PA, to present their work.
Feb. 9, 2015 Max Streibl departs Socorro with completion of his internship at NMT
Oct. 9th, 2014 UBT Diploma Engineering student Max Streibl arrives in New Mexico to conduct research at NMT
Oct. 6th, 2014 NMT PhD student Idil Ayan and UBT PhD Joerg Exner each win best poster award at the Rio Grande Symposium on Advanced Materials (RGSAM)
Sept. 2014 UBT PhD candidate Joerg Exner arrives in New Mexico to conduct research at NMT
June-Aug. 2014 NMT graduate student Kevin Ring spends the summer in Bayreuth conducting research at UBT
June 2014 Prof. Fuierer has another research visit to the University of Bayreuth
2012-2013 Prof. Fuierer spends research sabbatical at the University of Bayreuth, hosted by Prof. Moos and the Functional Materials Department

Jesse Adamczyk Presenting at Tech Talks 2015

Tech Talks at New Mexico Tech

Materials World Network Meeting
Bayreuth 2014

RGRSAM Poster Winners

Joerg Exner, Dr. Fuierer and Professor Moos

Joerg and Max at Elephant Butte Lake

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta