Printing a Graphic Figure with xv

A figure displayed in an X-Window can be captured by the Sun4 program xv. It can then be saved as a disk file or printed directly. The following steps show how to capture the image and print it.

  1. Before printing your figure, be sure your name and the date are included along with the title.
  2. In an xterm on your PC, give the command xv &
  3. Move the mouse cursor into the main xv window (with fish) and click the right mouse button to get the xv controls window.
  4. Put the Ansys graphics window you want to capture on top with and xv controls window to the left side (you can slide the Ansys window so the right part of it is off the screen).
  5. Click the Grab button of the xv controls window to get the xv xv grab window.
  6. Check that the delay is set to 0 and click Hide XV windows if part of the xv windows cover the Ansys graphics window.
  7. Click the grab button and move to the upper-left corner of the figure you want to capture in the Ansys graphics window.
  8. Repeatedly press the middle button until the cursor changes to a plus symbol.
  9. When the cursor is a plus symbol, drag it while still holding the middle mouse button until it reaches the lower-right corner of the figure you want to capture.
  10. Release the mouse button.
  11. The figure will eventually appear in the xv window.
  12. If you got the wrong area, try again.
  13. To print your figure click the Print button in the xv controls window.
  14. In the Save PostScript File window, click Ok.
  15. Your figure should appear at the printer.

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Last revised: January 21, 2001