Checking Spelling with Unix

You should be writing your papers with Microsoft Word where spelling and grammer are checked as you type. However, if you are working in Unix, you can also check your spelling. To check the spelling of words in a file named fname with the Unix spell program, give the command:

      spell  fname
The misspelled words will appear on the screen. Alternatively, give the command:
      ispell < fname
and you can correct errors interactively. Also, you might be offered likely corrections. Use xman for more information on spell and ispell.

To check the spelling of only one or two words, start the spell program without options. Then type one or more words and ^D. The misspelled words will be listed.

To determine the spelling of a word beginning with the letters abcd, give the command

       look abcd
and you will see a list of all words beginning with the letters abcd.

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Last revised: November 19, 2003