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MENG 421 Assignment 2

Notes Part 5, Ansys

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Now, what about Ansys? Ansys is only one of several such programs. But all have the same four parts: You can use either upper or lower for Ansys, but I use upper case for Ansys commands and lower case for my symbols. Always start your Ansys program with the title that will appear on your grahpics.
/TITLE, Your name and date here, axial1.a
Look at Axial1.a that you will start with today. (Right-click and pick Open in New Window so you can also read this page.) Next comes
/PREP7           ! preprocessor section
where you create three tables to define your system. These are
  1. The element type (ET) such as a spar, pipe, beam, plane, electric element, etc.
    ET,1,Pipe16      ! type 16 is a pipe
  2. The Reals (R) to define the shape
    R,1,dia1,dia1/2  ! diam, wall thickness
  3. The material properties (MP) such as the elastic modulus or electrical resistivity
    MP,EX,1,29e6     ! Young's modulus, steel

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