Ghostview for Postscript Files

Ghostview is a Unix program for viewing Postscript files before printing. This allows you to discover an error before printing the graphic.
  1. If you want to print an Ansys graphic file named, say, pscr00.grph, check that it is in the current directory by giving the command
      ls  pscr00.grph 
    (You may be in the wrong directory, or Ansys may have found an error and didn't create the file.)
  2. Check the date and time to be sure that the file was just created.
  3. Check to see that you have my ghostview function by giving the command:
      type gv
    If you have this function, give the command:
         gv pscr00.grph
    Otherwise, give the command:
         ghostview -landscape pscr00.grph &
    The graphic should now appear on your screen.
  4. Check that your name is one each one. If not, go back and put your name and date on the /TITLE line of the Ansys source program. Save the file, erase the file tw, run Ansys again, run display2 again, check for your name on the graphics using ghostview.
  5. If this is a truss, notice that the supports are shown at the left and right sides. The left end shows a rigid pin support while the other end has a roller joint, only restrained in the y direction.
  6. To enlarge the view of the left support, move the mouse pointer to the joint and press the left button.
  7. Click Dismiss at the bottom of the new window to close it.
  8. To look at a second graphic, say, pscr01.grph, move the mouse pointer to the File menu header and hold down the left button to get a menu.
  9. While still holding the left button, highlight the menu item Open and release the button.
  10. Move the mouse pointer to the pscr01.grph in the list of files and press the left button. Alternatively, you can directly edit the current file name. Move the mouse pointer between the second zero and the decimal point. Click the left button. Delete the second zero and type a 1. Then press the Return key or click the Okay button.
  11. Pull down the File menu and select Quit to leave ghostview.

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Last revised: November 19, 2003