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2D Laminar Flow

by Ansys Finite Element Analysis

The following figures show the Ansys results for a finite-element analysis of air flowing in a two-dimensional duct. The smaller duct on the left is connected to a larger duct on the right. Laminar flow, with a Reynolds number of 90, is from left to right. The inlet velocity on the left is 1 in/sec in the X direction and the outlet pressure is zero. More details are given below. The following figures show:
  1. Two ducts
  2. Connected ducts
  3. Meshing
  4. Boundary conditions, VX=VX=0 at walls, inlet velocity X=1 in/sec, outlet pressure zero
  5. Velocity Vectors
  6. Pressure
  7. Animated flow. To see a 653KB animation of the flow, click here.
This problem is described in the Ansys 5.5 tutorial Laminar and Turbulent Flow Analyses in a 2-D Duct

Figure 1. Two ducts Figure 2. Connected ducts Figure 3. Meshing Figure 4. Boundary conditions, VX=VX=0 at walls Figure 5. Velocity Vectors Figure 6. Pressure Figure 7. Animated flow

To see a 653KB animation of the flow, click here.

Dimensions & Properties

Inlet length 4 in
Inlet height 1 in
Transition length 2 in
Outlet height 2.5 in
Outlet length 4 in
Air density 1.21x10-7 lbf-s2/in4
Air viscosity 2.642x10-9 lbf-s2/in2
Inlet velocity 1 in/sec
Outlet pressure 0 psi

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