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MENG 421, Finite Element Analysis

While there is no formal textbook for MENG 421, there is a wealth of information in the many web pages for this class. Start with the class home page. In addition, you should study the following books that can be found on reserve in the Tech library using LIBROS. These books cover far more detail than the class does so you should begin by reading the first few chapters of each book. Then you should study the material throughout the books that matches the material presented in the course. There are also other finite element books in the library.
  1. Akin, J. E, Finite element analysis for undergraduates, 1986
  2. Bickford, William, A first course in the finite element method, 1990
  3. Cook, Robert, Concepts and applications of finite element analysis, 1981
  4. Gere, James, Matrix algebra for engineers, 1965
  5. Jennings, Alan, Matrix computation for engineers, 1977
  6. Norrie, D. H, An introduction to finite element analysis, 1978
  7. Segerlind, Larry, Applied finite element analysis, First Edition, 1976
  8. Segerlind, Larry, Applied finite element analysis, Second Edition, 1984
  9. Stasa, Frank, Applied finite element analysis for engineers, 1985

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Last revised: January 7, 2004