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MENG 421 Assignment 2

Solving Axial1 with Matlab and Ansys

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In today's lesson you will run both Matlab and Ansys to solve the axially loaded bar described here. The purpose of this lesson is to learn By the second exam you will need to memorize the important parts of the Ansys code. We will discuss the code at the beginning of each laboratory.

First you will create Matlab and Ansys folders in the Win directory. Then you will copy the prototype files and run them. Check that the answers for Matlab and Ansys agree. Finally, print out the results, add a cover sheet describing what you did, and turn the package in at the next class meeting.

  1. Four things to do each time you start Windows
    Set the screen resolution, check the size of your stored files, clear the Recycle Bin, and clear the C:\WINDOWS\Temp folder.
    Clearing the recycle bin and Temp folder will make more space and reduce the time other programs spend searching the Temp folder. You may also want to find something that is located in the Temp directory.

  2. Create the Matlab and Ansys folders.
    Skip this section if you already have done this.

  3. Copy the Matlab file axial1.m to your directory Matlab
    The easy way:

    See the Copying Prototype Files for more information.

  4. Copy the Ansys file axial1.a to your Ansys directory.

    See the Copying Prototype Files for more information.

  5. Editing a Matlab File
    In this section you will make three changes to your Matlab file axial1a.m

  6. Running Matlab
    In this section you will do three things: run your m file with Matlab, copy the output from Matlab to the end of your m file, and print out the m file with your solution at the bottom.

  7. Making two Ansys shortcuts
    In this section you will put two short cuts to Ansys on the desktop. One is used to configure Ansys the first time you run it while the second is used from then on.

  8. Editing an Ansys File
    In this section you will edit your Ansys file axial1a.a. Unlike Matlab, Ansys does not have a built-in editor. Therefore you must use something like Notepad.

  9. Make the following changes to your Ansys file

  10. Running Ansys
    In this section you will Start Ansys in configuration mode. Once you have configured Ansys, you can run it in its regular mode.

    Ansys creates very large work files that you do not need. However, if Ansys puts the files in your own directory, you will soon be out of space. Fortunately, each Tech computer has a free storage area named C:\WINDOWS\Temp that can be used. You are not charged for this space, but you have no guarantee that files you place there will survive after you log out.

    Change the Ansys workspace area with the following steps.

  11. Adding the output to your Ansys code
    In this section you will copy the Ansys results to the bottom of your Ansys file in Notepad and then print the combination.

  12. Help
    Extensive Ansys help is available by clicking the Help menu.

  13. Closing Ansys

  14. Assignment
    Make a cover sheet with a sketch describing the problem you solved with Matlab and Ansys. Attach the Matlab and Ansys solutions, and turn in the package before 4:30 PM Tuesday to my office please (not the Department office).

  15. Checking Your Quota

Prologue: Each assignment covers much material. You should go through the complete lesson several times until you understand it. You must know how to easily do the material covered in the exercises. In particular, you must understand all the changes you make and be able to write them out on an examination. That is, you do not need to know all the lines in your programs, only the ones you change and the overall structure of an Ansys program.

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