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ES421 Assignment 1

X-Window and Netscape

Before your can begin this lesson you have to set up Bash and Fvwm according to the class handout. You will then have one or more xterms on the screen and the aliases and functions are defined. The aliases and functions abbreviate the Unix commands and therefore reduce the amount of typing you have to do.

  1. Check the list of aliases by typing the command alias in an xterm window.
  2. Scroll the list backward if necessary by putting the mouse pointer at the top of the thumb at the left side and holding the middle mouse button.
  3. Start Netscape by typing the command net in an xterm window
  4. If you are quick enough, you can move the mouse pointer to the scanner at the lower-right corner of the screen and press the left mouse button. Then Netscape will appear in that screen. Otherwise, you have to move Netscape by using the scanner. To move it, following these directions:
  5. Enlarge the Netscape typeface:
  6. Set the default home page
  7. The following steps show how to print a copy today's lesson as displayed by Netscape.
  8. Set up Netscape Mail
    You should read your e-mail at least once a day for messages about this class. If you read your e-mail with Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can see the HTML code. This lets you jump directly to web sites mentioned in the e-mail just by clicking on the link. To set up Netscape for e-mail, do the following:
  9. Decoding the e-mail
    E-mail can be sent in one of two languages. Those using Unix send in Western while those using Netscape or MS Outlook Express (OE) usually use Unicode or Universal UTF-7. If your e-mail reader is set to the wrong form, some of the characters can appear strange. You can easily change from one form to the other in Netscape and in Outlook Express.
    For OE, you can put a button on the tool bar to make the change easier. Pull down the View menu and select Layout, Customize Toolbar and click the Languages button. Click the Add button, then Close, and OK. To use the Language button, click the down arrow and select the language.
  10. The class home page directly or indirectly points to all the other class web pages. In the few weeks you need to study the information on all of these pages. You can go back to the class home page by clicking here.

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