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MENG 421 Assignment 11

Laminar Flow

Follow the directions for the Ansys 5.5 Laminar and Turbulent Flow through step 33, Calculate Reynolds number. That is, only complete the laminar flow portion. You will complete the remainder, turbulent flow, during the next laboratory. If you make the web page for the tutorial very narrow and move it to the right side of the screen, there will be room for Ansys on the other side of the screen. Then you can follow the directions as you do the work.
  1. Point a copy of Explorer to C:\WINDOWS\Temp and clear all files. Make frequent copies of the Ansys file named file.log because this is where Ansys keeps a copy of all the keyboard commands you type. Then you can easily rerun your work from the resulting batch file.
  2. Start Ansys
  3. Utility Menu: File | Change Jobname | Flow141 | OK
  4. Utility Menu: File | Change Title | (Put the usual here -- Laminar Flow, your name, and the date) | OK
  5. Make a screen capture of the meshed duct that includes your name and date.
  6. Make a screen capture of the velocity vectors
  7. Make a screen capture of the pressures

  8. Assignment
    Create a cover sheet describing what you did. Include three graphics:
    • the meshed duct
    • the velocity vectors
    • the pressures
    and your list of commands from the log file. If not printing in color, make a negative first. Do not combine with Lesson 12. Turn in the package as specified at the lab.

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