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ES421 Assignment 0

Setting Up Bash And Fvwm for X-Window

This lesson gives directions for setting up the bash shell and fvwm, a window manger for X-Window on a Sun or PC running Linux. If you are a student in ES 421, Finite Element Analysis, please complete this lesson before the first laboratory.

While this lesson was designed to be read from a printout while setting up a new account, you can, of course, do all of the setup from an xterm window in X-Window and then restart your computer.

If your PC is waiting for Windows 95 login, simultaneously press Control and Alt keys and while holding them, press the Del key. When the Boot prompt appears, type linux. Log in and look for the prompt at the bottom of the screen. While typing, you can press the Delete or Backspace key to make corrections. (Don't press the Enter or Return key to make a correction.)

First, determine which shell you are using by giving the command:

        echo $SHELL
Be careful to use lower case for the first and upper for the second and put a space between the verb (echo) and the object $SHELL. The response will be one of the following three:

First, determine which shell you are using by giving the command:

showing that you are using the csh, the tcsh, or the bash shell. If you are already using bash, skip the next part.

To change to the bash shell, log into a Sun computer and give the command:

      chsh    (change shell)
and type:
If you started with bash and skipped over the previous section, continue here. To copy the bash files from the class account, give the following commands:
    echo  $a 
    cp $a/setup.bash .  (don't forget the dot)
    chmod +x setup.bash  
To set up the fvwm window manager, give the following commands.

    cp  $a/setup.fvwm .  	(don't forget the dot))
    chmod +x setup.fvwm	(make it executable)
    setup.fvwm	(copy the files)	
    chmod +x  .xinitrc	
The X-Window manager should start up and and look like this.

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