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MENG 421 Lab Assignments

to be Done by Computer

The computer work for this class, including Assignments 1-12 below, will be done with Microsoft Windows 2000. If you don't have a computer account, see a UC at the computer center. Also check the sequence of helpful TCC web pages starting with Getting a TCC account.

Besides the regular homework assignments, there are laboratory assignments referenced below. These lessons are to be done at the regular Friday labs. The problems are solved by Matlab, or Ansys, or both. Do not simply turn in the printout from an Ansys or Matlab problem. Always include a cover sheet using your engineering data pad to describe the problem. However, only one cover page is needed if an assigned problem is solved by both Ansys and Matlab.

On the cover page, put the usual Given and Find, and include a sketch if appropriate. Set up the matrix and vectors, identify which elements are to be changed, and show the final matrix and vectors. On the Matlab and Ansys printouts, sketch the object in the upper-right corner. Make sure the Matlab and Ansys solutions agree to at least four digits. See Computer Problems for ES Classes for more information.

I am usually on-line about 16 hours a day including weekends. If you need help, send me e-mail. You must include a descriptive Subject beginning with the words MENG 421. Paste a part of your computer program into the message if appropriate. Don't use an attachment. I can then e-mail you suggestions.

For many assignments, you begin by copying a similar file from the class directory. Change the prototype file with a text editor as follows:

  1. Put your name in the code (where is says "Your name") in the sample program
  2. For Ansys programs, write the date into the code, but for Matlab use the disp(date) command to automatically show the date (Don't use disp as a symbol for displacement or you will lose the Matlab version.)
  3. Delete the original solution at the end of the code you copied (by dragging through it and pressing Del)
  4. Change the code to solve the assigned problem
  5. After running the new program, drag through the solution, copy the output (with Ctrl-C) and paste it (with Ctrl-V) to the end of your code.
  6. Don't copy all the output, just the information we need for the problem. Compare to the results in the original prototype you copied.
  7. Check that the decimal points are aligned. For Matlab use something like %11.2e or %7.0f. (See: Matlab Help). For Ansys, add spaces to align the decimal points.

The following assignments are to be done during the Friday lab sessions. Try to finish the assignment before leaving the lab. However, you will need to add a cover sheet that is written with a word processor and printed out. Calculations and graphics will be on separate sheets. Your name and date must appear on both the source programs and the graphics. Staple the work together, and turn in the report to my office before 4:30 PM the following Tuesday.

Computer Lab Assignments and Examinations

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