The Ansys Program Organization

The Ansys program contains a sequence of statements in four groups. They can be typed from the graphical interface or read from a batch file. You can use either upper or lower for Ansys, but I use upper case for Ansys commands and lower case for my symbols.

  1. The header section gives the title that will appear on your grahpics.
              /TITLE, Your name, MENG 421, date here, axial1.a
              ! comments follow an exclamation point
  2. The preprocessor section defining the model

               . . .
  3. The solution section defining the boundary conditions and calculating the primary solution
             . . .
  4. The post processor section providing additions data

             . . .

Let's look at each of these four groups in more detail.

o Additional Ansys source files are available in the following directories on the Tech file server:

MENG 421 | Ansys index | Nodes and Elements | Element-Property Tables | Class assignments

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