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MENG 421, Finite Element Analysis
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               Ansys tutorial 5.7.1     Ansys tutorial 5.5

Spring 2004 Class hours
Lecture: MSEC 103 at 10:00-10:50 M W F
Lab: Weir 128 at 10:00-1:00 Fri

5.7, ¤ 5.5

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a powerful engineering tool that can solve many kinds of engineering problems to as high a degree of precision as necessary. Mechanical, fluid, heat transfer, electrical, and magnetic problems either separately or in combination can be solved by FEA. If a problem can be described by a set of differential equations, it can generally be solved by FEA.

This course winds a path between learning the principles of FEA and using the computer programs Ansys and Matlab to solve some simple engineering problems by FEA. By the end of the course, you will be able to solve very complex engineering problems by FEA.

Instead of a textbook, there are about 50 web pages providing information for this class. As a student in MENG 421, you need to study the material on all these web pages. This home page provides links to key pages such as Ansys and Assignments, which in turn link to many other web pages.

This class requires much time and patience, therefore please allow sufficient time for the assignments. Do not wait until the last minute to start them. Furthermore, you must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows 2000 to run Ansys, the finite element program used for this course. Matlab is also used extensively.

Any of the campus networked PCs can be used to do the assignments. In addition, there are networked PCs in the Mechanical Engineering computer room that can be used.

There are several very good FEA books on reserve at the library for this course. Be sure that you read at least the first chapter of each as soon as possible.

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