LLC Research Projects

LLC Research Projects


Sustainability LLC research focuses on energy: assessing how much we use on campus, understanding how weather and climate affect consumption and supply, and utilizing technology to harness alternative energy sources. The research project for Sustainability is two-fold: 1) examining energy use on the NMT campus and 2) designing and implementing technology for using alternative energy. Research has included sensor deployment to find the critical areas of energy loss for buildings on campus, designing and building solar panel and wind turbine arrays, and launching weather balloons to study wind and solar potential for campus.
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Sustainability is open to freshmen from all majors who are eligible to take MATH 103 or above in their first fall semester.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing LLC research will give students experience in creating applications for the Android operating system. Given creative control over the type and design of their projects, students will put their growing skills to use with 'MIT's App Inventor', which enables students to write apps with limitied to no coding experience. This LLC's team project focuses on developing communication skills and learning basic programing structure rather than learning a specific programming language. It is linked with 'Intro to Python' class and math placement of 103 or 104, or 'Intro to C' for those with a math placement of 131 or higher.
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Mobile Computing is open primarily to freshman Computer Science or Information Technology majors who are eligible to take MATH 103 or above in their first fall semester. Students from other majors may apply with the approval of their advisor.


Aerospace LLC research is designed to introduce freshman Mechanical Engineering majors to the basics of aerodynamics, engineering principles, research, design, and experimental testing. During the Fall 2014 semester, students will research and design different nose cones for a basic sounding rocket. They will bring their designs to life using the Engineering Design Lab's 3D printer. In the spring semester, the students will be creating avionics bays for the rockets and developing MATLAB code to predict the flight path of the rocket. Students will test their designs through a variety of laboratory experiments, including using a low-speed wind tunnel to calculate drag of the nose cones. The final project for the year will be to launch a rocket with the student-designed nose cone and instrumentation package and compare the flight data to predictions from the student-written MATLAB code. The Aerospace LLC research opportunity will introduce these first-year students to the variety of rocket and aerospace opportunities at New Mexico Tech, including the Aerospace Engineering minor.
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Aerospace is open to freshman Mechanical Engineering students (with a declared major or minor) eligible to take MATH 104 or 131 in their first semester.


Astronomy LLC research will give students an introduction to astronomy and hands-on experience listening to the solar system with the NASA Radio JOVE project. Students will use a 20.1 MHz radio receiver and a double-dipole antenna assembly to observe and analyze radio emissions from space. The constructed radio telescope can observe intense solar storms, magnetic bursts from Jupiter, and the galactic center. Students will learn the basics of radio astronomy, install additional antennas for the existing array, and collect and analyze data.
NASA Radio JOVE project
TED talk from Dr. Michelle Creech-Eakman, NMT Physics Dept. Chair
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Astronomy is open to freshmen from all majors who are eligible to take MATH 103 (Pre-calculus) or above in their first fall semester.


Explosives LLC research will introduce freshmen to the exciting research at New Mexico Tech focusing on explosive chemistry and explosive effects.
During the Fall 2014 semester, students will learn some basics of explosive reactions and results of explosive events. They will have the opportunity to tour the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) located on the campus of New Mexico Tech, including a tour of research laboratories and observing an explosive test. In the spring semester students will learn about explosive chemistry through a hands-on laboratory working with pyrotechnics and simple energetic mixtures. Laboratory experiments will use modern diagnostic equipment and high-speed cameras to record explosive events. For a final project, the students will design, build, and test their own fireworks at EMRTC. The Explosives LLC will expose first-year students to the research in energetic materials currently being performed at New Mexico Tech and will give students a preview into the Explosives Engineering minor.
NOVA special featuring Spaceflight faculty member Dr. Michael Hargather

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Explosives LLC is open to freshman students eligible to take MATH 103 in their first semester.


Watershed LLC research will focus on water management, conservation, and the environmental processes associated with rainfall such as soil erosion, flood generation, and vegetation community establishment. Students will install advanced instrumentation for watershed monitoring, conduct experiments to test soil and water conservation practices, and evaluate plans for both urban and rural stormwater management. Students will combine extensive fieldwork, data management and visualization, and statistical analyses to gain insight into processes that control water availability and our society's ability to exist in a rapidly changing semi-arid environment.
Watch Bruce Harrison give an intro to the soils laboratory!
An explanation of where Earth's water came from

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Watershed LLC is open to freshman students with a math placement of 103 or higher.


Bioengineering LLC research will give students knowledge of "normal physiology" in order to promote thought and change students' world view to look at the big picture instead of focusing on a problem or symptom. If you look at a majority of the big discoveries in medicine, most stem from something unique or unusual that sparked curiosity and questioning, resulting in further exploration and understanding. The goal of the first semester is to introduce complex physiologic processes to develop a big-picture view. Course themes will include body temperature regulation, the physiology of stress, altitude physiology, biological rhythms and adaptation to disease. In the second semester, students will utilize their understanding of physiology to design equine thermoregulatory sensors.
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Bioengineering is open to freshman students with a math placement of 103 or higher.


Robotics LLC research will provide a basic introduction to robotics and will contain both laboratory and lecture components. Over the semester, students will learn basic computer programming concepts, work with a variety of sensors and actuators, and design and build mechanical components. We will be using the Arduino microcontroller and by the end of the semester, students and their teams will compete in a robotics challenge. No prior experience with programming is required.
Intro to Arduino microcontrollers
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Robotics LLC is open to freshman students who have a math placement of MATH 103 or higher for their first fall semester.