David Cox


David Cox

My name is David Cox, and I serve as the Director of the OSL as well as Director of the Joseph R. Skeen Library at NMT. I came to NMT to continue to pursue my deep desire of helping students and faculty to become Information Literate, proficient in the use of communication tools, and invigorated in teaching, research and application of these skills to help others. As the parent of an autistic son (I have 5 children, 5 grandchildren) I have sought to find ways of learning and teaching that are appropriate and applicable to others.

I returned to library and information science work after many years of service as a trained philologist, professor, archivist and archaeologist, and a Lutheran pastor. My great loves in the Library are Archives, Manuscript work, and Special Collections. I hold a PhD from the University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland, as well as 3 Masters Degrees and a Bachelor’s Degree. I have worked/dug in archeological fields in North America and Asia (Middle East).

My interests include gardening, travel, writing, hiking/spelunking, archeology and paleontology, ornithology, and baseball (I have been an umpire in another life). Throughout my careers I have enjoyed helping others to understand and be aware of the mystery, complexity and beauty of life. I find joy in aiding others to deepen their knowledge and insight in whatever career or discipline of which they are a part. I have been an active participant in the ongoing dialogue of Religion, Culture, Science and Technology. I attempt to avoid green peas.


Office: Library

Phone: (575) 835-5030