Learning Communities at NMT


Welcome to Freshman Research at NMT!
Living/Learning Communities (LLC) Program

Designed to encourage academic success, the Living/Learning Communities Program (LLC) is focused around research-themed freshman year Learning Communities. LLC students live in the same residence halls and take LLC courses, including a freshman year research course, together. The opportunity to do research and design as freshmen creates a more engaging and realistic atmosphere for new students entering the fields of science and engineering. In addition, there are wonderful sources of support for the Living/Learning Community, such as:
  • Learning Community Faculty - outstanding NMT faculty mentors who have developed the LLC research projects and classes.
  • Learning Coaches - successful junior and senior students who serve as academic mentors and tutors. Many Learning Coaches are former LLC students themselves.
  • Resident Assistants - successful upper-level students who are there to help new students adapt to the living and academic environment.
  • Learning Lounges - study areas in the residence halls, equipped with technology to facilitate individual and group work. Learning Lounges are the place for on-site tutoring with Learning Coaches.
  • Smart Classrooms - technological features that allow students access to lecture notes written on the digital whiteboards, recordings of lectures that can be reviewed at the student's own pace, and a variety of tools for collaborative learning.
Being involved in a Living/Learning Community provides participants with tremendous peer support in a very challenging college atmosphere. The combination of Living and Learning in Community in the midst of a strong academic support system provides the best possible chance for academic and career success.

Email Drea Rae Killingsworth, Living/Learning Community Coordinator, at dkilling@nmt.edu.