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2014 Box Canyon

Bouldering Comp

& B.O.B. Bash

When: April 5, 2014
8:00 am - late

Where: Box Canyon
Socorro, NM

see our flyer:



                                Box Canyon picture

See the comp results here:


BOB Bash picture

We had 80 participants sign in on Saturday morning. 50 scorecards were turned in with scores (plus at least 3 more turned in with no scores). 10-20 more spectators were also present.

We look forward to the 2nd Annual Box Canyon Bouldering Comp in 2015.

Many thanks to all of our sponsors! Thanks these guys and anyone else from the list at the bottom of the page:

NMT Gym - Dave Wheelock
Capitol Bar - Regina
John Brooks of Socorro - Lily
Bodega - Pirate Joe (no longer working there, he's out plundering)
Rock and Ice mag - Casey Weaver
MooseJaw - Lloyd -
Petzl - David Roetzel
Atomik - Kenny Mayts -
CAMP USA - Brian Stuenkel -
Nature's Path (organic granola bars)- Debbie Chan -
Eden foods (organic pumpkin seeds) - Jonathan Wilson -
Black Diamond - Holly Hansen
Socorro BLM office

Atomik Cannon Bomb pull-up contest results:

Format: 1st round, 2 pull-ups; 2nd round, 4 pull-ups; 3rd round, 8 pull-ups; 4th round, 16 pull-ups; 5th round, as many as you can.
Each round passed gets your name in the chalk bucket 1 time. At the end we pulled a name from the hat and gave the Atomik Cannon Bomb away to that one extra lucky person: Mike Bridgers (that's not Mike B. in the photo to the right, click here to see the winner)!

5th Round Results:

  1. WeiDa Cheng--33
  2. Steve (?)--31
  3. Caden Gigliotti--24
  4. Aaron Curtis--21
  5. Nico Seamons--15
  6. Mike Bridgers--14
  7. Ty Stovall-11

We had 33 total participants in the pull-up contest!

See more pull-up contest and comp pics here:

Atomik Cannon Bomb pull-up contest



Please sign up early to give us an idea of how many weenies to roast. You can still sign up the day of the comp. So far it's free! Be cool to the BLM and maybe we can keep it that way.

Beginner Sign-Up
Intermediate Sign-Up
Advanced Sign-Up

or e-mail if Google drives you nuts.

We will sign people in at the main Box Canyon parking lot the day of the comp from 7:30 am-8:30 am. See map (look for P by Waterfall):

Expect to sign a waiver when you sign in on Saturday!

Comp Format

We will have a list of eligible boulder problems and their point values available on the day of the comp. Start bouldering at 8:00 am and turn in your scorecards by 5:00 pm at Waterfall parking or Unbeatable parking (turn in your scorecards even if you don't think you did so hot for a chance at the raffle). Top 6 climbs of the day count.

Beginner V0-V2
Intermediate V3-V5
Advanced V6-V10
Men's and Women's

Sandbaggers will be called out and publicly humiliated!

Box's Own Bouldering Bash

(all B.O.B. Bash times should be considered made-up and meaningless)

BBQ, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm: We will be selling meal tickets to offset our costs of providing some after-comp food.
Winners and Raffle, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm: See below for what we might have available as prizes for the winners.
Pull-ups, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm: We will hang the Atomik Cannon Bomb from a rock, do some pull-ups, and raffle the bomb away to 1 of the pull-up competitors.
Slideshows, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Hopefully Bob can hook us up with a generator and projector to show-off some pics, films, and slideshows on the rocks.
Night Mission???, 9:00 pm - late: Light up some fun problems and keep on climbing until our fingers fall off.

Our Sponsors

Over $1,000 in prizes and swag available this year from the awesome folks below:

New Mexico Tech: keeps the NMT Climbing Club alive! Special thanks to the Gym!
Mad Rock: gave us 2 shoe certificates for prizes!
Atomik Climbing Holds: gave us a Cannon Bomb to do pull-ups on and then give away!
Capitol Bar: is making 6 t-shirts for our volunteers!
Bodega Burger Co. & Lounge: gave us 2 $15 gift cards for prizes!
Rock and Ice: gave us 2 1-year subscriptions for prizes!
Moosejaw: sent us 2 t-shirts, 1 for a gal and 1 for a guy!
Eden Foods: gave us 100 packages of pumpkin seeds for muscle fuel!
sent us five Ange L carabiners for prizes!
is giving us 100 20% off coupons for competitors!
Black Diamond:
sent us 4 Chalkboy chalk buckets!
Nature's Path: sent us 100 mixed bars (including gluten free) for day-long energy!
Flashed: is sending us some water bottles!
Stone Age Climbing Gym (will know soon...)
Camp USA: sent us a harness, 5 quickdraws, and a box of chalk!
John Brooks of Socorro is helping us out with some food for the after-comp dinner!





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