Career Planning in Chemical Engineering

While no one knows exactly what the future will hold, it is a safe to say that it will hold a wealth of opportunities for Chemical Engineers. Chemical Engineering is considered one of the base engineering disciplines with applications in nearly every facet of life.

The development and production of food, medicine, fuels, semiconductors, plastics and paper have all been driven by the ingenuity of Chemical Engineers. Current frontiers being explored by Chemical Engineers include the design and implementation of new drugs and delivery systems, fuel cells, biotechnologies, nanocomposite materials, solar cells, micro-machines, explosives, new batteries, sensor devices, and improved fuel systems.

Chemical Engineering graduates find challenging careers in a broad spectrum of fields including petroleum, chemical, plastics, paper, mining, semiconductor, pharmacuetical, and biotechnology industries. At the same time, the breadth of a Chemical Engineering background helps graduates flourish in careers such as medicine, patent law, and technical marketing.