The self-assessment process and mechanism for change pivots on three reports analyzing an array of assessment tools with input from faculty, students, alumni, and our Advisory Board. The three reports include:

1) The Departmental Activity Report: a report from the chair on the activities of the faculty/student, quality of instruction and facilities, and the caliber of our incoming students. Effectively, the DAR summarizes the input to our Educational mission.

2) the Educational Objectives Report: assesses the quality of the program output. The EOR is assembled by the ChE faculty. Both the DAR and EOR summarize progress toward short and long term goals, as well as provide recommendations for change.

3) the Fall Advisory Board Report: provides a review of the DAR and the EOR, assures that the self-assessment process is working with input from all constituents, and produces a final set of recommendations and ownership of actions to be taken.

Department Activity Reports

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Five Year Plan (1998-2003)

Educational Objective Reports

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Fall Advisory Board Reports

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