The fundamental mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide students with:  (1) an  understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry; (2) the skills necessary for critical and analytical thinking; (3) an appreciation of chemistry and its central place among the sciences; (4) a feeling for the joys and frustrations of original research; and (5) the ability to communicate observations and discoveries.

The Department offers a balance between pure and applied chemistry.  The faculty is qualified in the major divisions of chemistry - inorganic, organic, analytical, physical and biochemical.  The undergraduate program emphasizes development of a strong foundation in the fundamental areas of chemistry in order to prepare students for the diverse career opportunities available to chemists.  More than 60% of Tech chemistry graduates continue their education in graduate school.  Many have become teachers, medical doctors, or research scientists. Graduates receive a bachelor of science degree accredited by the American Chemical Society   Additionally, a degree in chemistry prepares one for a broad array of career opportunities.

• Academic

• Health Professional  (Medicine, Physical Therapy, Nursing, etc.)

• Environmental Testing and Remediation

• Petroleum Processing

• Pharmaceuticals

• Law  (Patent Law, etc.)

• Career with a non-Governmental Organization

• Military


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