The Department of Chemistry provides an interdisciplinary research program characterized by a dedicated group of faculty members. Strong collaborations established within the department as well as within the university, and outside New Mexico Tech have further strengthened our program. Our collaborations have further broadened the impact of the department’s research while creating excellent opportunities for our students to experience working as part of a research team to solve complex scientific problems. Major areas of research include:


• understanding the underlying chemical principles of the environmental processes,

• discovering novel bioanalytical methods, biomedical devices and drugs to fight human diseases,

• finding solutions for energy crisis developing sustainability standards for products that use energy.


Our interdisciplinary research greatly influences the department’s teaching vision and mission where classroom teaching has been modified by presenting the principles of chemistry through hands-on experiences in a research setup.


Biomedical and Medicinal

Physical and Fundamental

Solar Energy and Sustainability


Atmospheric and Environmental

NMT Department of Chemistry

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