Dr. Rodolfo Tello-Aburto recently published his work on “Total Synthesis and Absolute Stereochemistry of the  Proteasome Inhibitors Cystargolides A and B” in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.



Dr. Liliya Frolova just published her latest discoveries in European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry - “Wittig Derivatization of Sesquiterpenoid Polygodial Leads to Cytostatic Agents with Activity against Drug Resistant Cancer Cells Capable of Pyrrolylation of Primary Amines”.




Oluwaseun Ogunro recently published his work "Global Distribution and Surface Activity of Macromolecules in Offline Simulations of Marine Organic Chemistry" in Springer Biogeochemistry.


Dan Leonard and Hanqing Pan recently published their work "Photocatalyzed Reduction of Bicarbonate to Formate: Effect of ZnS Crystal Structure and Positive Hole Scavenger" in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


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