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Liliya Frolova

Assistant Research Professor of Chemistry


Office: Lopez Hall 223

Phone: (575) 835-6886



       Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Technology, Braunchveig, Germany.

       Ph.D., Chemistry, V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin State University, 1992

       M.Sc., Organic Chemistry, V.I. Ulyanov-Lenin State University, 1988




      Heterocyclic compounds, natural compounds, medicinal chemistry, novel reactions, novel synthetic methods, drug-resistant cancer, drug-resistant bacteria, hybrid materials, graphene, graphite, chromatography



Research Interests:

Research in Dr. Frolova's laboratory divides between two main streams: development of novel anticancer and antibacterial drugs on the basis of heterocyclic mimetics of natural compounds, and study of chemical reactivity of graphene, graphite, and transition metal nano particles with organic reagents for the development of novel inorganic-organic hybrid materials for different purposes. The medicinal chemistry research projects focus on drug-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant cancers including apoptos-resistant, multidrug-resistant cancers and cancers with dismiss prognoses (glioma, melanoma and others). Using rational drug design and library screening they develop novel antibacterial and anticancer agents with the focus on drug-resistant cultures. To achieve these goals, our group often develops novel synthetic pathways of general significance. Also Her team study new drug delivery options for our biologically active compounds in collaboration with Dr. Michaelann Tartis (Department of Chemical Engineering, New Mexico Tech). She collaborates closely with Dr. Rogelj in the Biology Department of NM Tech as well as with other chemists and biologists across USA and Europe. The other direction of their research, novel inorganic-organic hybrid materials, grew up from the collaborative investigations (Dr. Nikolai Kalugin, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering in New Mexico Tech) of the possibility of organic modification of graphine, graphite and transition metal particles in different organic reactions. She made several successful organic modifications of graphene and graphite surfaces. Also some interesting combinations of organic compounds with transition metal particles were developed.


Recent Publications:

Desymmetrization of Cyclopropenes via the Potassium-Templated Diastereoselective 7-exo-trig  Cycloaddition of Tethered Amino Alcohols toward Enantiopure Cyclopropane-Fused Oxazepanones with Anti-Mycobacterial Activity. Maslivetc, V.A; Turner, D.N.; McNair, K.N.; Frolova, L.V.; Rogelj, S.; Maslivetc, A.A.; Aksenov, N.A.; Rubina, M.; Rubin, M. J. Org. Chem., 2018, 83, 5650.


The Rigidins: Isolation, Bioactivity, and Total Synthesis—Novel Pyrrolo[2,3-d]Pyrimidine Analogues Using Multicomponent Reactions. van der Westhuyzen; A.E., Frolova, L.V.; Kornienko, A.; van Otterlo, W.A.L. The Alkaloids Chem. Biol., 2018, 79, 191.


Photoactivated 2,3-Distyrylindoles Kill Multi-Drug Resistant Bacteria. Edwards, L.; Turner, D.;  Champion, C.; Khandelwal, M.; Zingler, K.; Stone, C.; Rajapaksha, R.; Yang, J.; Ranasinghe, M.; Frolova, L.; Rogelj, S. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2018, 28, 1879.


Spectroscopic Study of a Photoactive Antibacterial Agent: 2, 3 – Distyrylindole. Rajapaksha, R.; Banet, M.; Champion, C.; Frolova, L.; Rogelj, S.; Choudhury, P.; Ranasinghe, M. J. Phys. Chem. A, 2018, 122, 937.


5,10b-Ethanophenanthridine Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids Inspire the Discovery of Novel Bicyclic Ring Systems with Activity against Drug Resistant Cancer Cells. Henry, S.; Kidner R.; Reisenauer, M.R.; Magedov, I.V.; Kiss R.; Mathieu, V.; Lefranc, F.; Dasari, R.; Evidente, A.; Yu, X.; Ma, X.; Pertsemlidis, A.; Cencic, R.; Pelletier, J.; Cavazos, D.A.; Brenner, A.J.; Aksenov, A.A.; Rogelj, S.; Kornienko, A.; Frolova, L.V. Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2016, 120, 313.


Novel Microtubule-Targeting 7-Deazahypoanthines Derived from Marine Alkaloid Rigidins with Potent in Vitro and in Vivo Anticancer Activities. Medellin, D.C.; Zhou, Q.;Scott, R.; Hill, R.M.; Frail, S.K.; Dasari, R.; Ontiveros, S.J.; Pelly, S.C.; van Otterlo, W.A.L.; Betancourt, T.; Shuster, C.B.; Hamel, E.; Bai, R.;  LaBarbera, D.V.; Rogelj S., Frolova L.V.; Kornienko A. J. Med. Chem., 2016, 59, 480.


New Method for the Synthesis of Ammonium Salts of O,O’-alkylenedithiophosphoric Acid and Octatthiotetraphosphetane. Crystal Structure Features’s of Diethylammonium Salt of O,O’-propylenedithiophosphoric Acid. Badeeva, E.K., Santomenna, A.; Gubaidullin, A.T.;, Frolova, L.V.; Rogelj, S.; Batyeva, E.S.; Sinyashin O.G.  Phoshorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements, 2016, 191, 405.


Synthetic and Biological Studies of Sesquiterpene Polygodial: Activity of 9-Epipolygodial against Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells. Dasari R., De Carvalho A., Medellin D.C., Middleton K.N., Hague F., Volmar M.N., Frolova L.V., Rossato M.F., De La Chapa J.J., Dybdal- Hargreaves N.F., Pillai A., Mathieu V., Rogelj S., Gonzales C.B., Calixto J.B., Evidente A.,Gautier M., Munirathinam G., Glass R., Burth P., Pelly S.C., van Otterlo W.A., Kiss R., Kornienko A. ChemMedChem., 2015, 10, 2014.


Wittig Derivatization of Sesquiterpenoid Polygodial Leads to Cytostatic Agents with Activity Against Drug Resistant Cancer Cells Capable of Pyrrolylation of Primary Amines. R. Dasari, A. De Carvalho, D.C. Medellin, K.N. Middleton, F. Hague, M.N.M. Volmar, L.V. Frolova, M.F. Rossato, J.J. De La Chapa, N.F. Dybdal-Hargreaves, A. Pillai, V. Mathieu, S.  Rogelj,  C.B. Gonzales, J.B. Calixto, A. Evidente, M. Gautier, G. Munirathinam, R. Glass, P. Burth, S.C. Pelly, W.A.L.  van Otterlo, R. Kiss, A. Kornienko. Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2015, 103, 226-237.


Lipophilic prodrug conjugates allow facile and rapid synthesis of high-loading capacity liposomes without the need for post-assembly purification. A.A. Mikhalin, N.M. Evdokimov, L.V. Frolova, I.V. Magedov, A. Kornienko, R.K. Johnston, S. Rogelj, M.S. Tartis. Journal of Liposome Research, 2015, 25, 232.


Activity of 2-Aryl-2-(3-indolyl)acetohydroxamates against Drug- Resistant Cancer Cells. A.V. Aksenov, A.N. Smirnov, I.V. Magedov, M.R. Reisenauer, N.A. Aksenov, I.V. Aksenova, A.L. Pendleton, G. Nguyen, R.K. Johnston, M. Rubin, A. De Carvalho, R. Kiss, V. Mathieu, F. Lefranc, J. Correa, D.A. Cavazos, A.J. Brenner, B.A. Bryan, S. Rogelj, A. Kornienko, L.V. Frolova. J. Med. Chem., 2015, 58, 2206.


Jonquailine, a new pretazettine-type alkaloid isolated from Narcissus jonquilla quail, with activity against drug-resistant cancer. M. Masi, L.V. Frolova, X. Yu, V. Mathieu, A. Cimmino, A. De Carvalho, R. Kiss, S. Rogelj, A. Pertsemlidis, A. Kornienko, A. Evidente. Fitoterapia, 2015, 102, 41.


Tetracyanoethylene oxide-functionalized graphene and graphite characterized by Raman and Auger Spectroscopy. I.V. Magedov, L.V.  Frolova, A. Harper, S.K. Jha,  M. Ovezmyradov, G. Chandler, J. Garcia, D. Bethke, E.A. Shaner, I. Vasiliev, N.G. Kalugin. Carbon, 2015, 81, 216.


Chemical Vapor Deposition of Phosphorous- and Boron-Doped Graphene Using Phenyl-Containing Molecules. M. Ovezmyradov, I.V. Magedov, L.V.  Frolova, G. Chandler, J. Garcia, D. Bethke, E. Shaner, N. G. Kalugin. J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol., 2015, 7, 4883.


NMT Department of Chemistry

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